So you paid to have a house built but the contractor says you can’t have the keys to it. And everything that ever happens to it has to be fixed by the contractor only. You would say that’s total BS, right?

So, why are you letting web designers build you a website you can’t have access to? Or fix? Or even have others work on it? You paid for it…it’s yours. Demand the keys!

Unfortunately, web designers use nonsense logic and try to trick their customers into thinking that posting, editing and adding content is beyond the understanding of those that don’t build websites.

And sadly, people fall for it.

Again, imagine buying a car and only the mechanic can drive it, fix it and maintain it…NOPE!

Don’t fall victim to this travesty.

When selecting a web designer ask questions…lots of them.

Such as…

  1. Can I edit the site after you build it?
  2. Can I post blogs and articles to the site?
  3. Can I have a 3rd party or my own staff SEO the site?
  4. Will I have complete admin (control) of the site?
  5. Can I host the site using a service of my choosing?

If the answer to any of these questions is a “NO” then run away.

If you pay for a site…you should get complete control of that site. If they try to tell you an excuse you don’t need them as a designer. Just remember if you don’t have complete control then you are basically just renting a site that you have no control over.


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