The hate and vile shown by people who have no idea what really transpired yet, want to keep spouting off toxic comments.

It’s really sad.

These people go out their way to attack others then post negative reviews on social channels regardless if they know the person personally, have ever conducted business with them or live near them.

It’s disheartening really.

Nobody waits for the facts.

They want instant justice.

They want their voices heard.

They want to impress others that they took a stand against something… “See, I posted that!”

The problem that arises when we speculate then demonstrate our behavior towards others, is that we project that negative behavior onto someone else. And that someone could be that very someone who gets called to be on the jury. Now their insight into the case is tainted by your negativity, your hostility and your down right disregard for human decency.

Our society is based on the tenent of “Innocent until proven guilty“.

Yet, people have this idea that they can act as judge, jury and executioner deciding the fates of those that cross their paths.

It’s not how it works…it’s not how any of it works.

So before you go off and start badmouthing others, think about what others might say if you were in the same situation as them.

What would they say about you?

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