Is It Possible To Create Too Much Content For Your Website & Social Pages?

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Hi, I’m Rob Anspach, come join me as I share with you this great information. Now, I was presented with a question the other day and it was, “Can we as entrepreneurs or content creators produce too much content for our website, for our social pages, for the purpose of attracting clients?”

And the answer is…NO!

You can never produce enough content!

You see my hat? Mickey Mouse! That’s a Disney franchise! Disney is constantly pumping out more content day in and day out. Below me, a Star Trek shirt! Paramount owns Star Trek and they are constantly pumping out content.

Now, what I always tell people is that the content you’re putting out there needs to

  1. Educate,
  2. Entertain and
  3. Engage your audience.

Yes, you do want to have relevant content on your site. But, you can always produce more content. Everyday! Based on questions people ask you, based on your experience in that field…all that content helps in search results.

Here’s the thing…we are inundated with information everyday and I think, statistically, there’s 30,000 impressions (marketing impressions) you’re getting every day from outside news, newspaper and from video. So, if your message is getting lost in that drip it’s always nice to produce more information. Say you made a blog last month, do you think someone is going to read that today? They might be able to search for it. But if you’re constantly producing new content every single day at the end of the year you’ve produced over 300 pieces of content whether video, blogs, quotes…whatever.

My friend Gerry Oginski has produced over 2000 videos for his YouTube channel. Two thousand! That’s a lot! I think I’ve only made a couple hundred. But a couple thousand? Every time you type in “Medical Malpractice Attorney NY” his videos come up! Brilliant! He’s always producing video, blogs, LinkedIn articles. You can never have enough! Never!

Keep pumping out information. Because every time someone types in the question you just blogged about it’s going to pull up on social media, it’s going to pull up on search engine results. Social media is getting fine tuned every day…now you can search through articles on Facebook, you can search using different features. So the more you can pump out the better. Use the hashtags in your articles because then they will be picked up any social media.

So, make a rule of thumb, always, always create more content for your site, for your social, for everything that you’re doing and you are going to “rock it”.

This is Rob Anspach, I hope you found this helpful. Leave a comment, let me know what you produce, let me know what content you create, do you put something out everyday? Talk to you soon.

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