Let us all get the Coronavirus so we can get it over and done with.

I’m so tired of the media manipulation on this overblown nothing of a virus.

The people with no common sense have become “Chicken Little” to the extreme. The sky is falling, we are all going to die.

Society has gone absolutely bat-shit crazy. People are fighting each other over toilet paper. Events, conferences and workshops are being cancelled for fear attendees will get sick. Yet those same attendees are going to Disney World (filled with 100x the amount of people) with no worry at all.

People die everyday from something. That’s life. Influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia claim more lives everyday then COVID 19 has in all the time its spreading. People die in auto accidents and yet we still drive automobiles. People die of obesity, and yet it doesn’t stop people from eating the wrong foods. People die of alcohol poisoning and yet beer and wine are sold any time and any where.

Nope, I’m not falling for the scare tactics…I’m going to travel, have fun, live life and not be afraid. Hey eventually I will die, but not by fear and not by this stupid “wear a mask and wash your hands” nonsense.

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