Oh the F You Awards are being handed out today…

This one goes to Google for completely and utterly jacking my blood pressure to the point I wanted to reach into the phone and strangle the call center technicians.

My clients Google My Business website link was being diverted to a Viagra site and it was only from the tabs on Google My Business, no where else.

After dealing with the first patronizing technician who kept trying to email me (misspelling the email twice) and then blaming me for not receiving said email. Then after sharing the screen and proving to her that my clients GMB listing was being redirected she still wanted to blame my clients website. It’s not a website problem I would argue, stating that no other place on the whole internet does it redirect, except for Google My Business.

Then after requesting a superwisor (Google’s call center is not in the USA) I was patronized once again. Forced to repeat everything I said to the first technician and this so-called superwisor didn’t really want to listen to what I was saying. Finally I said, “I’m done with you, put someone else on the phone.”

Sir there is no one else, I am the Top Level Superwisor here.

Me: Well, then transfer me to somewhere else as you have no clue what you are doing.

Sir, I assure you the error is on your clients website and not from Google.

Me: I have already explained the problems more than once, I shared my screen and showed you the problems, and I showed you that the error is coming from Google My Business.

Sir, our system is so integrated that the listing on Google should be showing the same information on the Google My Business listing.

Me: Were you not paying attention to the screen share or the fact your system is not working.

Sir I assure you it’s your clients website that is in error.

Me: Put someone else on the phone.

Sir, there is no one above me.

Me: Fine put the janitor on the phone, at least he will listen.

Sir he quit.

Me: Yeah maybe you should too.

I hung up.

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