Rob I have a few of your books and I noticed some grammar and punctuation changes that need to occur, may I send you my findings?

Me: What do you do for a living?

I’m a grade school teacher.

Me: And what are doing reading my books?

I want to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

Me: First rule of being an entrepreneur…ignore the rules.

But grammar and punctuation are important.

Me: Maybe. But I’ve sold thousands of books and 99% of the readers don’t care about my grammar or punctuation mistakes they are reading the books for the content.

Well you should really take the time to make sure they’re perfect before sending your books out.

Me: And that’s where you will fail as an entrepreneur.


Me: You are too caught up in the notion that perfection equates to something…it doesn’t. Good is better than perfect. A good product can start making you money right off the mark. If you waited for a product to be perfect it would never ever be released, because it wouldn’t live up to your standards.

Really, name a company that operates that way.

Me: Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Facebook, Youtube, Chevrolet, Ford, shall I go on?


Me: So are you going to send me your findings?

No, I suppose not.

Me: And there end’s your first lesson.

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