Another LinkedIn Loser Gets Called Out…

Starts out all innocent usually with this tired script…

Hi Rob, I’m looking to expand my LinkedIn network with other professionals. Would you be open to connecting? Thanks in advance” ~ Belinda”

Then I accept Belinda’s connection and within seconds I get some cut and paste pitch wondering what I do and how they can help me.

Hi Rob, Thanks for connecting. I’d love to find out more about you and some of the things you’re working on, so let me know if you’re open to a conversation. One thing I did want to share with you real quick which could be really valuable for you is a Sales Blueprint Creator I’ve been working on. It’s FREE, doesn’t require you to opt in and will take 2-4 minutes for you to complete. It’ll ask you a few questions to get a basic understanding of your business and what’s currently working for you before helping you design a complete multistep, multimedia Lead Generation and Sales Process which is tailored specifically for your business. Check it out, have some fun with it and I’d love any feedback you may have or happy to answer any questions it may create as far as how to make things work better for you. Here’s the link XXXXX
Anyway, I’m always totally respectful of your time and privacy so if I’m stepping over any boundaries and even slightly inappropriate with reaching out feel free to reply with a hard NO and it’ll never happen again. Have a great day, talk soon.” ~ Belinda

And as much as I want to respond with “Read my f-ing profile and learn to use LinkedIn properly you f-ing plonker” I realize its not Belinda’s fault as she is just following some guru’s stupid script. It’s sad really, Belinda along with thousands of others have been duped into believing that this method of spamming connections is totally fine and acceptable.

It’s NOT!

Stop doing it.

Learn to read people’s profiles first. Once you understand what they do then you can simply say, “Hi, thanks for the connection, I took the liberty of looking at your profile, great stuff, how can I help you succeed faster?” That’s it, thats all you have to do. It’s that easy. No long ass worthless scripts. Keep it simple.

You’re welcome.

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