Why is Facebook reviews probably the poorest way of collecting testimonials?

Hi, I’m Rob Anspach and let me share with you my opinion on why Facebook review is terrible. You see they have a process of allowing anybody, customers or not, to review your service.

You may say, “Yeah that’s good, right?”

The more testimonials the better.

No it doesn’t work that way. It’s about more positive testimonials the better. It’s about quality over quantity.

The problem is the Facebook system is open to anybody to critique you. Is that fair?

No, because they’re not customers of yours. If you’re doing a super job, you’re striving for that five star with a great testimonial. True? If your competitor is jealous of your service, he can go in and give you a one star blank review.

A blank review is one that is just a star rating with no comments, no review….it’s you saying you disapprove without putting any real thought into it.

Just click the star and go about your day.

The reason why the competitor does a blank review is because if it’s a contentious, arrogant, bad review, you (the recipient) can go in and flag it. Flag it as inappropriate, flag it as spam, just flag it. The negative comments can be flagged and removed. The blank one star reviews cannot be, and that’s terrible.

Facebook scores your reviews on a five point system, so the more five stars you have, the higher that point value is going to be. It averages out, so say you have a hundred great reviews, right? You should have a perfect five star review. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work that way. Since people are allowed to give blank reviews, your competitors, people that you don’t even know are giving you one star blank reviews and you can’t remove them.

Now your score gets lower and lower.

It’s terrible, just a terrible way of developing a relationship with your fans, friends and followers when they see you only have a 3.5 out of five. That’s mediocre and you’re striving for 4.5, 4.8, five. Now you have to go out and ask more and more people to give you a positive review to raise your score and lower the amount of one star reviews.

My hope is that one day, Facebook makes people actually fill out the review process with actual content. Because if it’s negative, you can flag it. If it’s blank, it’s there and there’s nothing you can do about it. When you’re in your review process and you’re asking people for reviews, try to control the system, okay. Go through your customer base, tell people where they can leave you reviews. Whether it be Facebook, whether it be Google, whether it be Yelp, okay.

If the system is open to everyone, you need to be able to control some form of it. Don’t just rely on people to come in and give you one star reviews, or blank reviews. Because it’s very hard to bring that number up. I did an experiment the other day where a customer had so many one star reviews that they needed an extra 150 positive five stars to bring it up to a 4.5. How fair is that? It’s not.

And sadly as you are trying to get more positive reviews filled with glorious things about you, there is nothing to stop your competitors from flaming your page with more no comment, blank 1 star ratings.

Yup, the Facebook review system is just lousy.

To learn how to control the review process see my previous article called “Controlling Online Reviews“.

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