In this video I  interview Lisa Kennedy a Florida real estate expert. Lisa was at this time midway through writing her book. Which incidentally, I was asked to write the foreword to. Below the video interview, you’ll discover my foreword and the link to her book.

FYI: the book was launched December 31, 2016 and quickly shot up the Amazon Kindle charts topping at #1 in Canada and Germany and hitting #2 in many categories in US.

Here’s my foreword to Lisa’s book “Selling The Million Dollar Model: Unlock the Secrets To Selling Million Dollar Real Estate

Foreword – by Rob Anspach

How committed are you? That’s the question I want you to think about when reading this book. Would you be committed after losing your job? Or getting a divorce? Or even moving to a new area? Not many would. Yet, Lisa Kennedy smashes through those barriers to bring you her life, her experiences, her joys and her pains to show you how it’s all possible. And how to stay committed to those beliefs and dreams.

Without a plan of action, without mentors and without support from your family, selling real estate can be a downright frustrating way to make a living. But if you’re committed to your dreams, then Lisa’s book can be your guide to fulfillment in the million-dollar home market.

While Lisa was midway through writing this book, I had the honor of interviewing her through video chat. We talked about her branding and how her pink highlighted hair has become sort of her trademarked look. We talked about social media and how she’s using it to build trust with her audience, and we talked about her goals and aspirations.

We also talked about hard life lessons and how overcoming those failures can have the greatest impact on your life. And she revealed what her next car would be once she achieved certain goals. What kind of car do you think she said? Would you like to know? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a “B”.

All through this book, you’ll discover how to implement those goals, what it means to be better than your competition and how to succeed where others have failed. You’ll learn tricks, tips and strategies that will help you achieve higher sales and give you the edge needed to succeed in the real estate market.

So again I ask you, how committed are you?

For Lisa it took years of determination and thousands of hours of sweat, tears and hard work to build her network. If you follow what Lisa shares in this phenomenal book, you’ll cut your learning time in half and be on your way to being the authority in your market.

So I challenged you to follow Lisa and learn from her, to go out and “crush it” and make a name for yourself…and to someday write your own book to inspire others and show the world your commitment.

If you haven’t ordered a copy of “Selling The Million Dollar Model” go grab it today.


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