“Rob, they are one of the top law firms in the country.”

(Message I received in my Facebook messenger after commenting on a law firm’s post about their lack of credibility in using reviews without full names)

Me: Well they are using fake reviews.

Them: What the heck are you talking about?

Me: Didn’t you read the initial thread?

Them: It was removed.

Me: Ah, well they use first name and an initial for the last name for their reviews in their ads.

Them: So

Me: Then it’s fake.

Them: What do you mean it’s fake.

Me: There is no credibility in a review that can’t be proven to be real. It needs a first and last name.

Them: So it’s a real review that the firm removed the last name for privacy then.

Me: If the client is concerned about privacy they shouldn’t even give a testimonial. 

Them: No the law firm is protecting the clients name.

Me: Protecting them from what? When people give me reviews I want others to know what people are saying about me. That’s how reviews work.

Them: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: Reaaally…go to their website and it gets worse. The reviews shown on their website only contain initials. No first name or last name. 

Them: Well they must being doing something right as they have offices all over the country.

Me: They might be top lawyers, but they could be better using credible testimonials.

Them: All lawyers do that with reviews

Me: No they don’t, the smart ones know the power of real reviews and proudly display them on their website, ads, and social media.

Them: They are real lawyers using real reviews.

Me: How do you know they are real reviews…they could have copied them from another law firm and since they are just using first name or initials you have no way to verify if true.

Them: Why would they copy reviews that’s unethical.

Me: Why do they not share the full names in the review what are they hiding?

Them: They are protecting the privacy of the client.

Me: Again, the client gave the testimonial freely…without restrictions…they are proud of the experience they received.

Them: You seem to have way too much time on your hands trolling lawyer sites looking for work.

Me: Troll? Pfft, I have enough work that I don’t need to troll, and using legitimate reviews is about building credibility to which all businesses should be doing. And you reached out to me via chat so who is trolling whom?

{the chat was terminated and I was unfriended and blocked}

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