Hey Rob, I went into my Google account and made changes okay?

Me: Your Google My Business Account?

Them: Yeah

Me: Why?

Them: Saw they rolled out new features.

Me: But this is what you pay me for.

Them: Yeah I know, but it was late and I wanted to get it done.

Me: And it was that important that you make those changes at 11pm?

Them: I was bored

{Me checking on their account at 7:30am)

Me: What changes did you make?

{Them telling me exactly what they did}

Them: Weird all the edits I made are gone, WTF

Me: This is why you pay me to do it.

Them: Yeah, but it worked last night

Me: Well, now other information is missing, did you edit that as well

Them: No, what is going on?

Me: When edits are made from someone that Google doesn’t recognize as that someone who has made the majority of edits in the last few months then in most cases those new edits don’t stick.

Them: That’s dumb, why do they design a system like that?

Me: Most likely so people that are bored at 11pm don’t screw up the account.

Them: What?

Me: Short answer, stop tinkering with the account

Them: Oh, okay…thought I was helping.

Me: Not so much.

FYI: Google My Business is something every business owner should be using and updating. But when more than one person posts to it, it tends to get a bit glitchy and edits disappear. So assign one person to make the edits and keep your listing current.

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