My mobile phone rings:

(the Hiya app tells me it’s a telemarketer so I figured I would answer and have some fun.)

Caller: Sir what is your account number?
Me: Account for what?
Caller: Your electric account
Me: No idea, not something I know by heart
Caller: I can wait while you look
{wasted 5 minutes walking up and down the stairs, let the dog out, poured some iced tea}
Me: hmm couldn’t find it, but I think it’s online
Caller: okay I’ll wait
Me: what was I doing?
Caller: looking for the account number
Me: oh yes, I logged into my account
Caller: Sir can you read me the account number
Me: Sure but first can you tell me the rate you are offering
Caller: {rattles off some number}
Me: my current rate is lower than that
Second Caller: Sir?
Me: Yes
Second Caller: Sir, how can I help you?
Me: Where’d the other guy go?
Second Caller: he’s new and I thought it best if I took over the call
Me: oh, you’re better at the script, eh
Second Caller: Sir what is the name of your supplier?
Me: George
Second Caller: Sir, what?
Me: George
Second Caller: That name is not on the list of electrical suppliers
Me: Oh, I thought you meant my drug supplier.
{They hung up}

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