Discover the closely guarded secrets of how using social media will have your business doing ‘fly-bys’ over your competition.

It’s been 30 years since the movie “Top Gun” hit theaters. Yet, it’s one of the most quoted movies of all time.

Why? Well, a few factors… it had the ability to educate, entertain and engage. The exact same qualities that every business needs to have when using social media.

It’s just a walk in the park, Kazanky!”, as Maverick explains to the other pilots.

And, it really is.

Social media can be the easiest way to promote your business without all the expensive advertising we as business owners have been programmed to buy into. Consider Yellow Pages, coupons, television, newspaper and radio your targets and social media the new weapons in your fight to win the war for new customers.

Yeah, it’s a little cliché. But, it works!

Some days it literally takes your breath away.

All you have to do is three simple things and it can make all the difference between standing on the deck and shoving it into overdrive:

Educate, entertain and engage!

If you want to be considered the “best of the best” by your customers and even your competition you have to set the pace. Although there are no hard and fast rules to social media, those that follow the rules of engagement definitely achieve a higher status.

I feel the need…the need for speed…or not!

Speed is not necessarily a good thing with social media; sometimes it can lead to disaster.

Uncontrollable downward tail spins. Can you walk away…or do you crash and burn? Over 1 billion Facebook users couldn’t be wrong, could they?

Sadly, only a small percentage of Facebook users are entrepreneurs who use the service as a means of promotion.

‘It’s a target-rich environment!’

Maverick actually was referring to the women in the bar when he said that, but social media could have the same connotation. With social media, your target environment is your friends, fans and followers and their friends, fans and followers and so on.

The key is not to have your fans think you “lost that loving feeling”. A constant supply of well-fueled posts that entertain, educate and engage will always keep them feeling that you care.

Okay, enough with the “Top Gun” references for a bit.

It was that last quote right? Too much?

Social media can be the same way. Too many posts can have your fans, followers and friends feeling confused and somewhat abused. Sure, you want to tell the world all about how you feel, your newest gizmo that you’re selling or the red convertible you just bought… but do it over time.

Just like in a normal conversation, you allow the other party to respond. You share with them and allow them to share back. One-sided conversations turn people away as do too many posts in a day.

Anything you use in the offline world can be used online to educate, entertain and engage your social media followers.

As I mentioned before, the field is wide open to what you could post, but keep in mind, the majority of your followers may not share your humor, use of harsh language or have gun racks in the back of their trucks… keep it clean and follow the rules.

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to be a “Top Gun” in business, beating your competition, you must consider the social media rules of engagement.

Here is a simple list for you to consider…

1) Post about what is relevant to you.

2) Share your story, and how/why you started your business.

3) Tell about your pets, your kids, or the type of sports you like.

4) Post press releases and other accomplishments.

5) Inform your audience about your current specials or offerings.

6) Post testimonials, pictures and videos of your work.

7) Brag about how you solved a client’s problem… but don’t embellish.

8) Share a link, a joke or even what you watched on TV.

9) Post about a job opening (in your company or others).

10) Don’t talk negatively about competitors, clients or even your followers.

11) Keep it real.

It seems like common sense, right? You’d be surprised.

Social media has not only become mainstream…it has people posting stuff they would never say or do in the offline world. Airing dirty laundry, telling tales and posting pictures that are offensive will certainly have a negative impact and could cause your fans, followers and friends to unfriend and block you.

Let’s take the first rule…

“Post what is relevant to you”

… seems a bit open for interpretation, right? Yes and no.

You see, people gravitate towards those who share their common interests, philosophies and personalities. The more of yourself you share with others, the bigger your fans list will be, and the fatter your wallet will become.

Here’s the kicker… you have to be social.

You can continue to do things the old way by placing ads and hoping people call you, or you can talk to people through social media outlets and instantly build credibility and respect.

Talk to me, Goose”, Maverick pleaded.

Your friends, fans and followers want to hear from you, and that’s exactly why they “liked your page” or subscribed to your list… they are already interested in you. If you stop posting, they will think you ditched them and will move on, maybe even to your competitor’s page.

Post often, at least three times a day, perhaps morning, noon and at night. Your morning post could be business related, whereas your noon post could be trivia, and your evening post could be something about you. Mix it up and have fun.

Follow the rules of engagement when using social media and your friends, fans and followers will treat you like the “Top Gun” in your field.

Updated: April 2021

The Corona Virus and subsequent shutdown of the economy caused a great many of entrepreneurs to forget how to be the Top Gun in their field. Instead of feeling that need for speed, they panicked and shuttered their doors. They stopped being social. They didn’t want to talk to Goose or anyone else. They just gave up. It’s a shame.

Well, it’s still a walk in the park…and with effort you can get that loving feeling back. 

Maybe you need some inspiration? Maybe you need to come out of retirement?

Well, Maverick’s back. 

With new adventures, and new quotes

Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters in 2021 (35 years after the original film) – here’s a brief  summary of what it’s about: Pete “Maverick” Mitchell keeps pushing the envelope after years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators. He must soon confront the past while training a new squad of graduates for a dangerous mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice.

We must all confront our past to push forward to a brighter future. We must hold on to our dreams and become the Top Gun in our niche. 

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