You think contact tracing is fine?

You think having some app on your phone that helps you avoid someone who has a virus is a good form of technology?

Oh it starts out all innocent of course…

It’s in the name of “safety” they say. And big companies eager to please their shareholders come out with ideas that they believe will help society. Or will it?

Was sent this from a friend who was deciding if she should update her phone with the new contact tracing app.

But let me ask you again…is having some app on your phone that helps you avoid someone who has a virus good?

If so…
Then you weren’t taught about the holocaust.
Millions of innocent people paid the ultimate price with their lives. Those that lived still have the numbers tattooed on their arms to prove it.

Those tattoos were a form of contact tracing. They were branded on people the Nazi’s thought were different, who opposed their ideologies and who Hitler felt was a threat to his plans of world domination.

Now some would argue that this new type of contact tracing is only on your phone…but that technology can be altered to go beyond the scope of the programming. It can be used for nefarious purposes as to detect or avoid people of certain persuasions, orientations or affiliations. It can be used in such a way as to help another megalomaniac seek power.

This type of technology should NOT be allowed…EVER.

Some phone apps are great, others can take us down a slippery slope that makes it easy to forget about ethics, morality, and what it truly means to be human.

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