Hey Rob why did you delete my comment from your post?

{was the message that popped up on my FB messenger}

Me: What comment?

Them: Didn’t you see it?

Me: Again, what comment?

Them: Oh, you didn’t see what I posted?

Me: I get notifications when people comment, share or like. I never saw one that said you did anything on any comment I posted.

Them: Your Facebook must be broken.

Me: How much have you’ve been smoking?

Them: I haven’t smoked anything today.

Me: Did you forget to take your meds today? Or perhaps you took too much.

Them: What are you saying?

Me: How can I delete something I know nothing about?

Them: Dude, you did something. My post isn’t there.

Me: {scanning his friends list} Maybe it was another Rob who’s post you commented on.

Them: It was yours I know it.
{shares the subject and what his comment was}

Me: Wasn’t me. I never posted anything like that.

Them: You did. And now the entire post is gone.

Me: I think you need to have your meds checked.

Them: Dude, stop saying that, I’m not paranoid.

Me: Just delusional.

Them: F-you A-hole.

{20 minutes later}

Them: Hey, it wasn’t you, it was another Rob.

Me: See I told you.

Them: Jerk!

Me: Make sure you adjust your meds.

Them: Stop being an A-Hole.

Me: Stop doing drugs.

{and I got unfriended and blocked}

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