Fixing An Expensive Mistake, With A Simple Yet Highly Effective Solution.

You design a flyer for your digital marketing business and once you receive them from the printers you notice one frickin’ misspelled word.

It’s slowly killing you inside but you need to make a swift decision.

Do you…

  1. Trash 1000 fliers and order new ones?
  2. Print corrected text on white labels and place over the error.
  3. Throw flyers away and put funds into digital marketing and forget about old school printed marketing tactics.
  4. Act as if nothing is wrong and present to prospective client as is.

The above flyer scenario was posted to a Facebook group page and was receiving lots of responses.

But, I didn’t like any of them!

So I posted, “have sticky notes made to attach to flier that say find the error and receive $20 off your first order.”

To which, then someone added my response to the above options…

5. Use Rob Anspach’s suggestion below

Now, a lot of people where commenting that as professionals we should clearly present a mistake free flyer and that anything printed should be perfect. Well, that’s not always possible, we’re human and mistakes happen.

So, why not make your mistake a way for people to actually read your flyer and benefit from it?

Yeah, call out the mistake…well, make it a game where your potential client will call out your mistake.

To be honest most flyers, printed ads, and marketing pieces in general suck…they do. They just miss the mark in getting people to react or call you.

And, when they contain mistakes…it’s a whole lot of money up in proverbial smoke.

So yes, you can maybe get the printer to reprint and maybe they will reduce the printing charges. Or, you can have fun with the piece, acknowledge the error and make it interactive.

One of my clients used the sticky note concept and sent out 1500 fliers. There was 2 errors. The fliers cost about $500 dollars. The sticky notes cost around $75. But the return on investment was beyond astonishing.

These flyers with sticky notes attached were responsible for generating $47,000 in new sales, $31,000 in repeat sales and another $62,000 in referral sales. That’s a total of $140,000 off of a mistake.

Would that flyer have generated that much in sales if it was perfect? If it didn’t call out and get people to find the mistake? Doubtful.

When you find your printed materials have mistakes, instead of reprinting, why not try the sticky note trick and see what results you achieve.

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