Ugh, no I don’t want that word or anything about Covid to be associated with my death.

But, I suppose that’s not up to me, although my dog might have something to do with it.

Let me explain…

It was 2:34 am and my dog needed to go outside. Why he can’t tell I’m asleep is beyond me. Well, I get out of bed, put my pants and a t-shirt on and head out of the bedroom. I follow the dog. Which was my first mistake. Not wearing slippers was my second mistake. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So instead of going through the hallway to the kitchen, the dog goes through the living room. And that’s the moment the headline “Died while hiding from Covid 19”  flashed through my mind. Yup, in that split second I felt the piercing, sheering pain of a pointed LEGO piece as my foot stepped firmly on it. I spun around and fell backward over the ottoman into the rocking chair. I think all my organs are now in the wrong places and I’m not quite certain but I think my spleen fell out. The dog didn’t seem to show any compassion and just stood there whimpering to go out. 

So I picked myself up and walked through the kitchen. Then I stepped in something wet. But no time to look as the dog was about 3 seconds from exploding. I open the back door as the dog lunges out. It was then I rapidly discovered my hand was still connected to the dogs collar and wasn’t letting go. Yup, you guessed I tumbled out the door. Don’t worry, the concrete patio broke my fall. My organs seemed to go back to the right places, I think. 

I go back in to the house and slip on the wet spot I walked through earlier. Yup, my left leg goes up, my right leg freezes, my arms are reaching for anything as I start falling again. Oh thank goodness the table and two of the chairs broke my fall. And I’m wet from whatever liquid I just slipped on. 

Now that I have you laughing at my misfortune…

…let me share with you why death shouldn’t be something we fear.

We have all lost loved ones. We will continue to lose loved ones. And we will grieve and feel hurt. But sadly one thing we can’t stop is death. No matter how hard we try to stop it, no matter how long we hide from it, no matter how much money we spend trying to enhance ourselves…death finds a way. 

The media through fear-based reporting has us believing death is bad. That we must hide, or spend millions protecting ourselves or that by doing what they say will ward off death. 

Maybe isolation is that very thing that kills you.

Maybe after spending all that money to “save yourself” you walk outside and get hit by a garbage truck.

Hey, death finds a way.

We need to stop fearing death.

We need to start accepting that one day we won’t be around. 

We need to start living life. 

Because, honestly I don’t want my death being listed as Covid 19…or dying while hiding from some pandemic. 

But hey, not everyone feels the way I do…and some will continue to hide, thinking that will help they stave off the grim reaper. 

Well, if that’s you, please understand that I will be outside enjoying life, going places, and having fun. You can watch me from the comfort of your home if you’d like or you can come join me. Life is much better when we can enjoy it together. 

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