Some guy responds to a video I uploaded 2 years ago.

Goes to my website, fills out the form.
So I email him thanking him for contacting me.
Then he calls me.

He wants a solution now.
I tell him that video is about 2 years old and a few things have changed since then.

Then he says “oh then there is no solution, thanks for wasting my time.”
Then hangs up.

The video in question was about Facebook’s friend limit and what I suggested people do in regards to your business and personal page. 

When I filmed that video years ago, I told people my advice (which is still the same) was to not convert your personal page into a business page.

Yet, the man when calling me, who incidentally was at 4900 friends, seemed a bit frantic as to what to do next. As if getting to that 5000 limit meant the end of his Facebook account. Or maybe he thought his page would automatically be converted to a business page.

Neither of which would have happened. But I don’t think he really wanted my answer anyway. Or he treats everyone with disrespect. 

My advice as always, have two separate Facebook pages, a personal page and a business page. And as your personal page reaches it’s 5000 friend limit that doesn’t mean the end of the page, it just means that you can’t have new friends added unless old ones leave or get deleted. And, those that aren’t accepted as friends can still follow your page and see what you post. 

The reason why you don’t want to convert your personal page into a business page is that there are some friends, fans and followers who know you personally and don’t need or want to follow you as a business. And sadly, the engagement on business pages is so low nowadays that if you convert your highly engaging personal page to a business page your engagement will tank. All those fans, friends and followers will basically cease to see your posts. 

Oh, sure you get lots of bells & whistles on a business page that show you insights on your demographics (those people following your page), but it really doesn’t mean anything if that page is getting low engagement. 

So, if you are close to the 5000 friend limit, do not convert to a business page. 

And, always check the date on the videos you are watching. 

Because videos on the internet never get old and the advice is always true, right?

Well, apparently to some, nothing on the internet ever changes. 

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