Yes,Your Voice Matters!

Let me explain why…

Lots of services are popping up claiming to offer unique content for your social media and your website blog articles and they seem impressive.

Hey, I get solicited with their marketing messages via email and see posts on social media. So yeah, I see what’s going on.

“We will write x amount of articles, post to your social media and craft your marketing calendar…all for $$”

Then they go on and on mentioning that they have Pulitzer Prize winners writing and editing the content they send to you. Really? Hmm. Doubtful!

Oh, but the literature they send is filled with colorful statistics and graphically enhanced pictures that capture your attention like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Sadly, all that glitters is not gold. And after a while the glitz and the shiny object syndrome wears off.

They no longer have your attention and being stunned by blinding light doesn’t work.

You want to hear a voice…one that guides you and leads you to safety.

As someone who teaches “Trust Creation” the voice you project in real life needs to be the same voice that is heard in your social and blog postings.

So if people who have never met you read your articles or your social content and then hear you speak somewhere everything jives together and they know it’s you posting and they trust you better.

If you want to build trust with your fans, friends and followers, it has to be your voice that is being heard.

So although those services seemed impressive, if they aren’t getting your audience to trust you…then it’s not worth it.

This is what I do everyday for my clients…I make sure their voice is being heard.

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