What lead me to write this article stemmed from a comment I received on my blog. Well, not the actual comment but where it came from. An abandoned website!

The site in question had been maintained for a few years then all content ceased by the tail end of 2013. Yeah, okay…a few years doesn’t seem like a long time, but to the search engines it’s an eternity.

Then I clicked on the Facebook button they had attached to their website and if the internet was actually “The Wild West” you would see tumbleweeds rolling by. Yep, another abandoned page.

Why abandon your website and social pages?

It looked like this person (the owner of the website and social pages) was at one time very prolific and added content on continuous basis. The site and pages could have continued on and enjoyed a healthy following…but, sadly they became just another abandoned place left to collect dust on the internet prairie.

I see it a lot.

Intentions are always good at first.

Create a website, start blogging, add social pages, post away…then the reality sets in.

You get frustrated!



Creating content is hard…and time consuming!

You start to weigh the time involved versus the payout. Countless hours spent creating stuff that nobody seems to comment on.

Then the moment comes.

You say, “Screw it!”

Then you pack your things and leave town…well, leave your website and social pages behind.

This scenario plays out every single hour of every single day over and over!

Thousands of people abandon their websites and social pages on a given day.

So how do you tell? What do you look for?

How do you know a site or page is NOT current?

The obvious signs…

  1. The copyright year is NOT up to date.
  2. Blogs posts are NOT current (up to the current month).
  3. Social posts are NOT current (up to the current month).
  4. Social pages have missing profile and banner pictures,

So why avoid these abandoned websites and social pages?

Well, its like picking up an old phonebook (remember those), sure the information could be handy but it’s out of date and not so accurate anymore. So you are basically wasting time on a site or page that might not really help you. And, if perhaps you wanted to call the person to inquire about their services in hopes of hiring them only to discover they were no longer in business…you might become a bit frustrated yourself.

Always make sure the website or social page you are visiting is being maintained (kept up to date) in some fashion before investing a great deal of time in it.

Learn the signs.

Use your time wisely, don’t get sidetracked on sites or pages that aren’t up to date.

Stick to websites and social pages filled with current content.


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