Card or App?

For years customers have been trained to scan their rewards cards at grocery stores, department stores, gas stations and even restaurants. They would build up points or discounts or even cents off per gallon at the gas pump.

Yet, millennials didn’t want to carry around those plastic reward cards or even have them dangling from their keychains.

So, the rewards cards got turned into phone apps. And the frustrations began.

Some of the grocery stores, gas stations, department stores and eateries switched from issuing rewards cards to telling people if they wanted their rewards they would have to download an app.

The problem is that consumers although trained to text and check social media from mobile devices, forget they have an app for that. It’s just easier to pull their keys out with their rewards card attached and scan.

Sorry, no rewards cards…you need an app.

So, the stores are no longer giving out plastic rewards cards in favor of phone app usage.

The downfall…businesses are seeing a decline in repeat business.

Yup, all those years training customers to use cards have been tossed to the wayside for the convenience of a phone app that only the millennials use.


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