Every year millions of United States entrepreneurs procrastinate to get their taxes done.

Then rush about trying desperately to get their numbers to their accountants in order to meet the April 15th deadline. 
And what’s ironic is the same entrepreneurs do this every year.
Without fail. 
You would think they would learn.
But they don’t. 
They continue to run their business helter-skelter.
Then when April comes around they are running around like a chicken with its head lopped off.
Pure chaos.
Most likely they either don’t have a great accountant or have no idea how to keep track of their numbers. 
Well, in order to be an effective, efficient and profitable business you need to know what your numbers are.
Not on April 15th.
Not once a year.
Not even every 6 months.
You need to know what those numbers are every single month. 
And yes, I run my numbers every month.
I know what my income versus expenses are constantly. 
Some might say that is overkill…I say its what sets me apart from my competition and makes me a better entrepreneur. 
So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs that procrastinated this year…
make it a point to know your numbers and be ready to file in February next year instead of waiting until April

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