Rob, You’re on my 2nd level connection here on LI…

It’s great to be connected. So, what’s your main business? – Matt C.

Me: Did you even read my profile?

Matt: I’m engaging with you Rob, think of it as an ice breaker.

Me: Do you have any clue what I do?

Matt: {responds by posting a link to my website} 

Me: So you went to my website – now do you have an idea what I do?

Matt: Oh dear, good day to you Rob
{He then immediately blocks me}

We weren’t friends, but apparently he wanted to sell me something before becoming friends, but he never really took the time to get to know me or how he could really help me.

Hey, if you don’t want to spend the time to get to know me, then don’t bother trying to sell me. This is why building trust is so valuable in creating long lasting relationships.

That’s right I said long lasting relationships!

Replying with…”I’m engaging with you Rob, think of it as an icebreaker” is a good way to instantly loose any credibility you started with. I don’t want to be patronized to…I want to know more about you, without feeling like you are selling me on something. 

And, honestly I don’t want a canned cookie cutter intro sent to me that screams marketing.

As my friend Felicia Slattery says…

An ice-breaker would be, “I see on your profile you’ve done ABC at X Place, that’s right near where I grew up…” or “Wow – you must be an amazing speaker or coach to have all the testimonials you do…” or “I was a communication major in college. Those were always my favorite teachers… did you like that work?”

It literally takes 10 seconds to scan someone’s profile for ONE THING to ask about or notice or complement them on.

People are too lazy to do even that? BUGS THE SNOT OUT OF ME.


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