The Unsolicited Sales Email…

Oh, I’m sure you’ve gotten them too. Written in broken English, with weird punctuations and industry jargon just not right. Here is one that I received from the same person two days apart. The first one I deleted, but the sender graciously attached it to his new email.    

Hii  Robert Anspach,,

I sent you an email regarding “Website Designing” proposal recently to your email address. I was wondering if you had a chance to peruse through it.


Madhuri Sharma


 Subject: Re: SEO, Mobile app Website 

Hii  Robert Anspach ,

Good morning,

My name is  Madhuri Sharma . I am a professional and experienced Digital Marketing expert. I am urgently looking for lots of work, so will charge very competitive prices for very high-end work. 

Our wide range of services includes:



Ø  Branding

Ø  I Phone / I Pad Development

Ø  Android Development

Ø  IOS App Development

Ø  Web Design & Development

Ø  App Development               

Ø  PPC etc.

Ø  CRM, ERP Software solution

If you are interested in any of the services, Please let me know your requirements.    

We will appreciate if you can elaborate your idea


Madhuri Sharma   I’ve written many articles on why responding to these unsolicited spam messages is a bad thing. Once you respond they know the email is good and will keep sending you message after message after message. And they will pass your email to their friends who will do the same.  But somedays, I just need to have fun. So I respond in my normal sarcastic tone and try to get a dialogue started. My reply:

I received an email just yesterday from someone offering the very services you speak of…and he offered a super ridiculous competitive price that quite honestly will save us so much money we can now afford to take the hamsters off the wheel that power our electric and actually hook up to the grid. Everyone here is so happy now. It’s like a miracle. 
Oh, as to our requirements, since we are no longer in need of our hamsters to power our electric we are looking for a caretaker for them. Since you are looking for work would you consider the position of hamster care?
I never did get a reply back. 


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