Over the last few years since my “Rob Versus The Scammers” book came out many people have expressed to me their frustrations with Facebook Marketplace.

Either themselves, or someone they know, have been ripped off by dubious car sealers who advertise on Facebook’s version of Craigslist. (Years ago I discovered a massive scam on Craigslist.)

You list a product for sale and people who are interested look at your listing and hopefully shell out some money to buy that item. It’s rather an easy system to use.

Then again, it’s an easy system to be scammed on.

When it comes to selling cars, it seems all the nefarious scammers have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon to lure out unsuspecting buyers with cheap prices, false listings and flat out lies. 

Example of a Facebook Marketplace scam:

  • Lists car for sale in your local area at a ridiculous low price.
  • Turns off chat feature, lists email as only form of communication.
  • Profile name doesn’t match email.
  • Click on profile and the person has very few friends, no pictures and very little personal information.
  • Click on what other items this person has in marketplace and you notice dozens of listings for the same vehicle in other areas hundreds even thousands of miles away. (California, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania)

Protect yourself from being scammed.

Learn to spot a scam before you become the victim of one. And report these scams to Facebook and the authorities when spotted.

If the listing is posted by an actual car dealership (or one that purports to be one) look at their Facebook reviews. Those reviews may tell you all you need to know to avoid doing business with them.

These are reviews I gleaned from an actual scammer who was trying to sell cars under a business name…

“Owner was disrespectful and had an attitude when I pointed out issues with the car as a alignment dead battery and other small issues. Very unprofessional and wouldn’t recommend giving him any business.”

“Not only a liar but scams on sales taxes as well.”

“Sells lemons and lies about them. Do yourself a huge favor and look elsewhere. This will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money. It is NOT worth it. This is a scam artist. I rarely do these reviews but want to save a person from this mess of an unprofessional buisness. You have been warned.”

“He’s not honest, make sure any car you consider- save yourself a headache and pay for a Carfax check the VIN yourself. Trying to sell this car as a good car with no accidents but here’s the truth behind it not worth the money he’s asking, then blocks you for telling the truth.”

It’s these types of responses from consumers that prompted me to take on the worldwide scam artists and write a book about my dealings. From Visa/Mastercard scams to electric rate scams to even IRS, Coca Cola, Bitcoin and home scams – I cover it all. Now, granted, I’m very sarcastic and I do string these scammers along and those adventures make for a very funny read. Get your copy of Rob Versus The Scammers today.

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