Why Being Real Matters!

Hi, I’m Rob Anspach, and I’d like to share with you why being genuine, being yourself, being real will go further in building trust then trying to be something you’re not.

Watch the video to discover the real me… or skip over the video and read the transcript.

“I see these videos everyday on Facebook and Youtube and people are professionally made up, they don’t wear hats, they are clean shaven and you have to wonder are they putting it on just for the video. Or are they making themselves appear better then what they are. My whole philosophy is building trust with my fans, friends and followers. My audience! I want them to see the real me. The down to earth me! The guy who can get on video wearing a hat, not shaved, in a car in the rain, because that way they know this is who they are dealing with. This is the real guy.

There’s a lot of videos out there and some people are that way in real life. They wear a suit and tie. When you met them, they have the same voice, they don’t put on airs. But, if you’re watching these types of videos and you think, ‘wow, you know, something doesn’t sound right with this guy’ and your spidey-sense is tingling saying stay away. It’s probably a good indication that that person behind the camera that your watching is not who they say they are. Again, if you can see the value in what they are delivering and they seem real, they’re not being fake, they’re not overproducing that video to make it polished, to make it shine, to make it convincing then you might want to say ‘yeah, let me follow him, let me learn more about him. He seems very trustworthy.’

In today’s day and age, trust goes a long way. There’s a lot of shysters out there, I’m not going to point fingers, I’ve seen a lot of them, not only on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – they hide behind their website, they hide behind their social media – they say they are one thing and they are not. Use good judgement. Look at their profiles. Look at what they are saying. Look at the pictures they are posting. Are they real? Do you due diligence. You’ll find that people like me that get behind the camera we do it because we want to educate you, we want to entertain you, we want to engage you so that you know what to look for. “

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