In the fast-paced world of podcasting, interviews can often sound polished, rehearsed, and, at times, a little too perfect. But not on Rob Anspach’s E-Heroes Podcast. Rob, a master interviewer, has discovered a secret that many podcasters might overlook: the power of authentic, unscripted conversations.

The Speed of Rehearsed Responses

Rob Anspach, having interviewed hundreds of people, shares a fascinating insight: when guests are given questions in advance, they tend to answer more quickly during the interview. This isn’t just about efficiency; it speaks to the nature of rehearsed responses. When someone knows the questions beforehand, they prepare, practice, and perfect their answers. While this might seem beneficial, it often strips away the raw, genuine essence of a person’s thoughts and experiences.

The Drawback of Prepared Questions

There’s a certain magic lost when responses are rehearsed. The spontaneity, the unexpected twists and turns of a natural conversation, are replaced by scripted answers. This can make the conversation feel less engaging and more like a series of monologues. Listeners can often sense this lack of authenticity, which can affect their connection to the content and the guest.

Embracing the Unscripted

Rob Anspach prefers a different approach. He avoids giving his podcast guests questions in advance. In fact, he often doesn’t even know what questions he will ask until the conversation unfolds. This method may seem risky, but it brings out a genuine, raw dialogue that resonates with listeners.

By allowing the conversation to flow naturally, Rob creates a space where guests can truly express themselves. This authenticity not only makes for a more engaging podcast but also builds a deeper connection between the guest and the audience. Listeners feel like they are part of a real, unscripted dialogue, which can be far more compelling than a rehearsed interview.

The Value of Real Conversations

Rob’s approach highlights an important lesson for anyone looking to improve their interview or conversation skills: embrace the unexpected. Real conversations are dynamic and unpredictable. They reflect the true nature of human interaction, where not everything is planned, and surprises can lead to the most memorable moments.

In the world of podcasting, where so much content can feel staged and artificial, Rob Anspach’s commitment to authentic, unscripted conversations stands out. By allowing his interviews to unfold naturally, he captures the true essence of his guests, creating a richer and more engaging experience for his listeners. So, the next time you’re preparing for an interview or a conversation, take a page from Rob’s playbook: let go of the script and see where the conversation takes you. You might be surprised at the authentic connections and insights that emerge.