“It’s All About Your List.”

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, you’ve most likely heard that phrase, and if you’re just starting to dive into business and marketing, its time to learn more about why that phrase is important for you and your business!

Email marketing is not dead. For a while there, it seemed like a lot of folks were scamming the inbox, sending out junk and various “get rich quick” schemes. We got inbox burnout.

But now, it’s turned into a way to connect with the people who need your help. A private place for you to share tools, stories, strategies with your tribe, and a way they can reach out to you in a safe setting and share their struggles.


I know so many people compare business with relationships, but the principles are the same.

Email is used to turn leads into buyers. But before someone is convinced that they want to buy your solution (whatever form it may come in) they first need proof that you have valuable information to share with them.

This takes it a step further from social media. On the social platforms they get to see a more casual side of you.  The email side, you share more exclusive content, stories, tips, and resources you might not share with the broader crowd on social media.

Social media is like level one of a relationship.  It’s more superficial sharing, and while it can be inspiring, motivating, and helpful, most of us don’t make buying decisions on social platforms. Unless we’re on Pinterest, but this is another tale for another day.

When someone opts-in to the email, it’s like committing to a dinner date, as opposed to a cafe date where you’re trying to determine if the relationship will be worth more time investment.

Your email is where you cultivate a deeper level of trust, vulnerability, resources, and then the sale.


Share Through Story

We all know that story brings us together.

Think about lessons you’ve learned, adversity you’ve overcome, and solutions to problems.  Sharing this in emails helps give your tribe a perspective of where you started, and how you got to where you are today.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to share your story, think about lessons you’ve learned over the years.  Did you have a mindset shift that helped you get from point A to point B?  If so, how did you come to discover this shift in thinking?

People want and need motivation. They are looking up to you as someone who has “been there, done that.”  Story can help you create that vibe between you and your tribe.

Become a Source of Reliable Industry Information

Show your tribe that you know the latest and greatest in your industry! This is especially applicable for people in the info-product, fitness, doctor, real estate, and service based businesses.

People need to be confident that you have their best interest in mind and are willing to share cutting information.

This isn’t going to be a hard thing to share, because part of your job is to be on the cutting edge of your industry. So you’re just sharing what you’re already learning.

Share Resources and Tips

One of the best ways to become a favorite source of information is by providing your subscribers with resources that you love and use.  Chances are, they are following you because they relate to your struggles, and would like solutions that you have found useful.

What tools have helped you with productivity?  Is there some hack you’ve discovered that allows people to use their smartphones better? Have you discovered a new face foundation that your makeup tribe will love?  Or maybe you’ve created a system for organizing your desk space for maximum efficiency?

People want to know what tools or systems you, to be successful or achieve the results you get.

The best part? You can affiliate with many of your favorite tools or businesses either from their affiliate programs or on Amazon if you have an Amazon Associate account, which you can learn more about here.


“Giving” sounds trivial, but today, unless you give a lot of free valuable content, most people aren’t going to give you a chance.  While value for every industry differs based on what your audience is looking for, everyone has something they can offer.  Case studies, white papers, product giveaways, complimentary reports, and even live Q&A calls.

The best way to determine what to give to your audience is by listening to the questions they ask, and problems they share.  You can send out surveys asking them the areas they struggle with, and then create content based on their replies.

If you don’t yet have a list of people to send surveys to, put yourself in the shoes of something buying what you have to offer, or recruit some trusted friends and business associates to provide some insights on what your value offer could be.

Question of the day: What is your favorite way of delivering value to your tribe? Comment below.


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Devani Anjali Alderson is our talented social media maven who keeps up with the latest technologies so our clients don't have to. She's coffee fueled, quick with the keys and ready to go. She may appear young but she's got the wisdom of the ages on her side and the spunk and sass to get the job done. Devani is also the founder of Vital Media Marketing and co-host with Rob Anspach on "Social Leverage" a weekly show helping entrepreneurs leverage social media.