When Rob Anspach of Anspach Media gives a talk, he covers a range of topics based on his professional interests and expertise.

Those topics include:

  1. Specialized SEO Strategies: Discussing why industry keywords often don’t work for specialized SEO, focusing on the need for more specific and less competitive terms that align closely with potential customers’ queries​​.
  2. Business Re-engineering for Entrepreneurs: Sharing insights on helping organizations scale, understanding the value of time as an entrepreneur, creating a brand of value, and the importance of legacy and self-motivation​​.
  3. Lessons from Past Events: Reflecting on historical events like Y2K, and drawing lessons or warnings from them, possibly in the context of technology, business, or marketing​​.
  4. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation: Discussing the concept of replacing oneself, rethinking conventional practices, dreaming big, and the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship.
  5. Direct Response Marketing: Sharing knowledge and experiences in direct response marketing, discussing influences like Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy & Joe Polish, and addressing the relevance of traditional marketing techniques in the current digital era​​.
  6. Freedom & Legacy: This could expand on the importance of building a business that not only achieves financial freedom but also creates a lasting impact.
  7. Authoring Books: Discussing how writing books can establish authority in your field, share your knowledge, and reach a wider audience.
  8. Story Telling: Highlighting the power of storytelling in marketing and personal branding, and how it can connect with audiences on a deeper level.

These topics indicate a focus on marketing, entrepreneurship, strategic business development, and lessons from both historical and modern business contexts. Rob’s talks would be valuable for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals seeking insights into scaling their businesses, innovative marketing strategies, and effective leadership.

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