Disney World is already a magical destination for millions of visitors each year, but there’s always room for improvement.

Here are 23 suggestions to elevate the guest experience and ensure even greater customer satisfaction:

  1. Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage Improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout the parks to ensure visitors can stay connected, share their experiences in real-time, and easily access the Disney app for ride times and reservations.
  2. More Shaded Areas Increase the number of shaded seating areas to provide respite from the Florida sun, especially in long queue areas and dining spots.
  3. Expanded Mobile Ordering Expand mobile ordering options to more restaurants and snack stands, reducing wait times and making dining more convenient.
  4. Improved Transportation Efficiency Optimize the efficiency and frequency of transportation options between parks and resorts, reducing wait times and making it easier to navigate the property.
  5. Additional Restrooms Add more restroom facilities in high-traffic areas to reduce lines and improve overall guest comfort.
  6. Better Crowd Management Implement more effective crowd management strategies, such as virtual queues and reservation systems, to alleviate congestion during peak times.
  7. Extended Park Hours Extend park hours, especially during peak seasons, to allow guests more time to enjoy attractions and entertainment.
  8. Increased Character Interactions Offer more opportunities for spontaneous character interactions throughout the parks, creating magical moments for guests of all ages.
  9. Improved Signage and Wayfinding Enhance signage and wayfinding throughout the parks to help guests navigate more easily and find attractions, dining, and restrooms without frustration.
  10. Refreshed and Updated Attractions Regularly refresh and update older attractions to keep them exciting and relevant for returning visitors.
  11. Expanded Allergy-Friendly Options Increase the availability of allergy-friendly dining options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions more effectively.
  12. More Water Bottle Refill Stations Install additional water bottle refill stations to encourage hydration and reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles.
  13. Improved Accessibility Enhance accessibility features throughout the parks to better accommodate guests with disabilities, including more accessible attractions and services.
  14. Streamlined Security Screening Implement more efficient security screening processes to reduce wait times and improve the guest arrival experience.
  15. Expanded Seating at Shows and Parades Increase seating capacity at popular shows and parades to accommodate more guests and improve viewing experiences.
  16. More Diverse Entertainment Introduce a wider variety of entertainment options, including live performances, cultural exhibits, and interactive experiences.
  17. Enhanced Dining Experiences Offer more unique and immersive dining experiences, such as themed restaurants and exclusive dining events.
  18. Smoother Lightning Lane Integration Improve the integration and flexibility of the Lightning Lane system, allowing guests to modify reservations more easily.
  19. Additional Kid-Friendly Zones Create more designated kid-friendly zones with interactive play areas and age-appropriate attractions.
  20. Better Weather Preparedness Enhance facilities and services to better accommodate guests during inclement weather, such as more covered walkways and indoor activities.
  21. Expanded Merchandise Options Offer a wider variety of exclusive and customizable merchandise to enhance the shopping experience and provide unique souvenirs.
  22. Covered Stroller Areas Install covered stroller areas to keep strollers and mobile carts dry and secure while guests are on rides, ensuring that parents and guardians have peace of mind during their visit.
  23. Enhanced Genie+ Adaptability Improve the Genie+ service to be more adaptable to each person’s needs, not just for the entire group. Include personalized dining suggestions based on specific dietary requirements (e.g., vegan, dairy-free, allergy-friendly), ensuring everyone in the group can find suitable dining options.

By implementing these improvements, Disney World can continue to provide a world-class experience for its guests, ensuring that the magic of Disney remains timeless and unforgettable.

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