By Rob Anspach

Rob Versus Humanity

The Last Line Of Defense In Outwitting, Outlasting and Outliving Time Wasters, Fraudsters and Fools.

Just know, Rob’s books get bigger, badder, bolder and more beautiful each time his phone rings.Steve Gamlin, Keynote Speaker, Author, The Motivational Firewood™ Guy

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Rob Versus Humanity

Humanity beware…

This third book in the Rob Versus series exposes the shenanigans of time wasters, fraudsters and fools as they try but ultimately fail, to outwit, outlast and outlive Mr. Sarcasm himself, Rob Anspach.

“I sat at the kitchen table with my adult daughter and read her half the book. She couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. She kept asking me to continue reading because it was so entertaining and so true. She loved the sarcasm. She loved when the scammers were put in their place. We loved the stories that expose the liars and the time wasters. This book was a quick and fun read in the tradition of all the Rob Versus books. It’s enjoyable, it’s laugh out loud funny, and you know when you are laughing you’ve been in his exact situation and wish you had said what Rob had just said. I highly recommend reading this book and give it five stars.” ~ Gerry Oginski 

“Amusing read! If you’ve ever wanted to respond sarcastically to stupid people yet usually keep your mouth shut, live vicariously through Rob and get this book.”~ Lynn Swayze

“A quick scan tells me I can’t wait to have this book in my hands and in my “Rob Anspach Library”! As always, I love your sarcastic, breezy style!” ~Ben Gay III 

“Rob Anspach’s, Rob Versus Humanity book is hilarious”Greg Jameson

ROB VERSUS SERIES Cleverly disguised as snark, Rob Anspach unleashes yet another hilarious *business guide to avoiding the pitfalls of dealing with people with his third installation of the “Rob vs” series.” – Laura Toogood
“Anspach’s acerbic aplomb in dissecting the daily encounters we all face truly hits the mark for all of the responses and comebacks you and I wish we had the guts to say. You’ll love this book, as you cheer Rob on, walking alongside the various events and everyday conversations we all have. Maybe you’ll end up following his lead and put to silence some of the more moronic critics that you put up with day in and day out.” –

Paul Klein

You ready to experience a book that entertains while at the same time teaches you how to be a better human, adapt to societal changes and run an effective and prosperous business on your terms? Read “Rob Versus Humanity” today!

Best Selling Author

Rob Anspach

To be honest, I used to cringe every time the phone would ring and it was a telemarketer, scammer or robocall. I would yell, scream, curse and lose my freaking mind. I thought, “this is getting me nowhere, let’s try something different”. And that’s when I started toying with the callers, stringing them along and wasting their time. It was those conversations with scammers that I started sharing on social media. Then one after another, my friends, started encouraging me to write a book about my adventures with the scammers. And so I did.” – Rob Anspach

Rob is an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist, Author, Corporate Ghostwriter, Speaker and Trust Creator who can transform and monetize your brand. He’s the author of “Social Media Debunked”, “Share: 27 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust and Attract Followers” and “Lessons From The Dojo: 101 Ways To Improve Your Life, Business and Relationships” and the coauthor of “Optimize This: How Two Carpet Cleaners Consistently Beat Web Designers On The Search Engines”, “The #AskDrA Book Series: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever”, “No Experience Necessary: Social Media For The Boomers, Gen X-ers & The Over 50 Entrepreneur” and “Power Guesting: Insider Secrets To Profit From Being A Great Podcasting Guest.” Rob has also produced about a dozen other books for friends and clients. 

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I live a fairly simple life compared to Rob, and so enjoy him sharing the stories of him “poking the bear” of scammers, morons and liars everywhere!”

– Michael E. Schmidlen 

Rob Vs Humanity is a really nice book that shows the lighter side of universe.

– Parthiv Shah

Rob is one of those people who has a lot of depth, experience, and wisdom. But he hides all that under a thick veneer of sarcasm.

– Manuj Aggarwal

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