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Rob Anspach is an experienced Social Media Strategist, SEO Expert and Trust Creator who can transform and monetize your brand. Rob works inside corporations across the globe, helping companies generate new revenue and capture online business.

Rob spent 20 years studying marketing, the psychology of consumer buying habits, copywriting, web integration and scripting as the owner of a carpet cleaning business. This led him to develop his own style of trust based selling. Why learn 101 different ways to close a sale when you only need 1…trust! It was that simplistic approach that led Rob to start teaching those concepts to carpet cleaners then entrepreneurs everywhere.

With the help of a Global Support Team, Rob is able to help a vast array of businesses small and large. Lawyers, Doctors, Marketers, Cleaners, Photographers, Authors, Speakers, Therapists, even other web design firms and SEO experts have reached out for Rob’s help.

Tony Policci was the one responsible for instilling in Rob the power of marketing. At that time (1998), Tony held the position of VP of Piranha Marketing Inc., and “bent the rules” to get Rob to his company’s seminar in Arizona. It was Tony that showed Rob those early principals of trust creation. He’s just an all around heck of a good guy. Now 18 years later Rob is honored to call Tony a trusted advisor to the team.

Paul Douglas is Rob’s coauthor on “Optimize This” and is one of Canada’s finest bullies…a Search Engine Bully that is. Paul is the digital dynamo behind our web force and the “go-to guy” for everything Word Press. Paul is a former cleaner like Rob who saw the great potential in online marketing, YouTube and building a business using a philosophy of trust.

Carmen Studer is a “No-Drama” take charge film producer who has an eye for detail and the common sense to ask a lot of questions. She looks beyond the scope of the project to pull in elements that have been overlooked by the customer. She’s an artist through and through. Carmen’s energetic passion is contagious and clients like her easy to follow advice and approach. She spends extra time on scripting so filming doesn’t seem like a chore but rather an exciting adventure.

Freddy Solis is the gifted vision behind the cover of Rob’s book “Lessons From The Dojo“. Freddy’s passion is taking your concept and breathing life into it. He’s a brilliant graphic artist who understands how to implement the “WOW” factor into each project he works on. When he’s not helping clients Freddy is on the field teaching soccer.


Devani Anjali Alderson is our talented social media maven who keeps up with the latest technologies so our clients don’t have to. She’s coffee fueled, quick with the keys and ready to go. She may appear young but she’s got the wisdom of the ages on her side and the spunk and sass to get the job done.


Robert Undi has the eye for detail and the vision to capture the exact moment to make every photograph and commercial marketing piece come to life. Through years of dedication to the trade, Robert’s passion shines in every picture he takes. Robert is still young at heart and loves to go to concerts with his wife.


Paul David Carpenter is our magician…oh yes, really, what he does is pure magic. He loves to entertain. He’ll brighten your day with a story or two. But he also loves to help business owners rediscover that passion they once had for their business. When not helping clients, Paul loves to walk the Los Angeles streets feeding the homeless.


Jonathan Anspach is our newest team member learning all aspects of social media creation, search engine optimization and video editing. When not engaged in client projects, Jonathan is an avid reader and active in martial arts as a brown belt in Tang Soo Do.

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