By Rob Anspach and Steve Gamlin

Unscripted, Unfiltered,


& Un-Guru

Just Two No BS Guys Talking About Entrepreneurship

“I’ve known Rob and Steve for years, and the wisdom between the two of them is nothing short of a Masterclass in Business. Un-Guru Yourself and just start being REAL with this ‘No BS’ discussion between two long-time entrepreneurs. In an honest interview style, these two powerhouses tell you what works, what doesn’t work, and the ins and outs of today’s modern business owner. ”

Brad Szollose, Serial Entrepreneur, Host of Awakened Nation

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Unscripted, Unfiltered,

Un-Woo-Woo & Un-Guru

It’s All About The Message
“Real, authentic and heartfelt. Rob and Steve show us how being perfect is over rated. It’s all about the message and how when we share by being ourselves we make a powerful difference. Thanks for showing us how it’s done!” – Terry Wildemann,  Intuitive Success Navigator, The S.M.I.L.E. Initiative Hub

Read Between The Lines
Rob and Steve have a lot to say, Entrepreneurs need to spend time reading this book, read between the lines, BE AUTHENTIC, KNOW WHO YOU ARE, FOCUS ON YOUR SUPERPOWER, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES, WHAT YOU HAVE WILL HELP OTHERS, NEVER GIVE UP!” Barry Jacobson 

Powerful Lessons
“Rob and Steve are the REAL DEAL!  No posturing, primping, or grandiose “alpha-macho” sentiments. It’s simply two dudes, having a conversation, sharing wisdom from winning and the lessons learned when they don’t. There are so many simple, yet powerful lessons to help you remember WHY you’re here, and how to attack life on your terms.” – Kris Whitehead

“There are two types of successful people in the world: Short term and long term. Read any fashion or celebrity news and you’ll easily see them. The short term ones have a hit or three. Short term may be six months. It may be 12 years. The point is: it ends. And it always ends because of one thing: Inauthenticity. The importance of this great, new book from Rob Anspach and Steve Gamlin comes from its meditation on authenticity. And asking the question what is true success? True success comes from looking in the mirror, knowing you never betrayed the most important people in your life. Now you have a choice: short term success with a guaranteed soul-less fall from grace, or long term success with Authenticity.  Go for Authenticity! Read the book today!” – Scott Paton

Highly Recommend
“This outstanding book is written by two regular guys who have been through the entrepreneurial trenches and want to share their successes, and their struggles, with the world. Their advice is down-to-earth and relatable. Be authentic, show integrity, and keep it simple were my primary takeaways. This book absolutely lived up to its title – there was not one sanctimonious platitude anywhere. I would highly recommend this very inspirational book to any entrepreneur who wants to achieve their goals.” –  Liz Brenner

Saying The Things You Need To Hear
Real, raw, honest, and entertaining. In other words, just two authentic, experienced, in-the-trenches, regular guys sharing what it’s like to deal with the reality of being an entrepreneur. They may not always say what you want to hear, but they do say the things you need to hear. They cared enough about you to produce this book – you should care enough about yourself to read it and put its lessons into action. Steve Sipress, Founder of The WOW! Strategy™ Small Business Success Program

An Inspiration For Future Entrepreneurs
“I just finished reading the book. I found it to be real, upfront and honest.  Rob and Steve have a great connection…what you see, is what you get! Both shared their ups and downs through the earlier years, yet continued to forge ahead without compromising their integrity. This is definitely an inspiration for future entrepreneurs to continue on their journey despite “bumps” in the road.” – Evelyn Friedrich

Strategies That Work
“Steve and Rob take you on a journey over decades of business ownership sharing with you the secrets to success that make a small business powerful. As a small business owner, myself, I found this book to be full of tips and strategies that definitely work!” – James “Ted” Tedford, Author of “The Empathetic Lawyer” 

 Get It Done!
“It’s an authentic ‘just go get it done’ kinda book!”Jeff Watson 

Breath Of Fresh Air
“Rob and Steve’s book is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated of fake online gurus and business professors with no real world experience. It’s real-world, sincere, behind the scenes for two guys who are out there doing it day by day. It gets my highest recommendation.” – Stephen Oliver

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Drawing from his background in the radio industry, stand-up comedy and three decades as an emcee, Steve weaves it all into his high-energy presentations, leaving his audiences laughing (while they learn) while he delivers his ‘actionable’ blend of Positivity and Humor for Live (and Virtual) events. Steve Gamlin does not merely ‘tell’ stories. He re-lives them…and brings his audiences along for the ride so they can ‘feel’ the lessons in memorable and actionable ways.

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Rob Anspach (aka Mr Sarcasm) exposes the shenanigans of scammers, time wasters, fraudsters, fools and lousy customer service with his sarcastic take on how the world should really work. Every book is jam packed full of humorous, laugh out loud stories that ultimately teach a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, those in the stories usually find they miscalculated who Rob is and don’t know what to do with his sarcasm, which makes the stories even funnier.

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