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Discover the key elements why your website isn’t ranking with the search engines like it should!

Over the last few years, I’ve been asked by hundreds of companies to create Adwords campaigns for them…and although I don’t mind doing that…most of them don’t need Adwords or Facebook ads or any PPC for that matter. 

Nope, but it’s what they’ve been told they need. So, that’s what they ask for. And when I tell them the real reasons why they may not need them and what they could be doing differently, it’s then they take notice. 

The reason wasn’t because I don’t think Adwords are effective…they can be…but these companies all suffered from the same ailment that would make Adwords simply too cost prohibitive.

And, I would surmise that the majority of companies out there all seem to be afflicted with this dilemma.

Faulty SEO!

The search engine optimization that they thought they were getting when they had your website designed…is critically lacking. Or simply never existed to begin with. Which, is the majority of websites I see.

So in order to gain new friends, followers, fans, clients and visitors they’re told that pay per click, Adwords and Facebook ads are the way to go.

Now they’re spending hundreds if not thousands or more every month trying to build a customer base without any direct understanding why.

It all comes back to effective search engine optimization.

What if I told you that you could eliminate all the Adwords, Facebook ads and pay per click forever while enjoying page 1 rank on Google, would you believe me?

Hi, I’m Rob Anspach, I was a frustrated entrepreneur who had to learn first hand the importance of being ripped off by a so-called SEO expert that I took matters into my own hands and learned how to “crush the competition” using proper keywords and content to explode my Google rankings and make more money. Now I teach other frustrated and struggling entrepreneurs those secrets to help them rank better.

What if I presented to you a comprehensive, page by page report detailing every step, every code, every change needed to make your website more searchable, easier ranked and frankly, giving you the ability to make money from it…how would you use it? Would you make the changes? Or perhaps, would you give it to your web guy to make the changes? Or, instead of the report…just have me provide a “done for you” service.

So back to the companies that wanted Adwords…I remember one was going to spend $15,000 a month to try to gain customers. Try was the accurate word. It would have probably been $15,000 a month of wasteful spending. Sure they probably would have captured a few clients, but its like the old expression, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes”.

So instead of allocating $180,000 a year on Adwords…

I crafted a step-by-step, detailed SEO report for this particular company showing them where they needed improvement and the precise coding that should to be adopted. After implementing the changes, they started noticing (very fast, less than 7 days) more traffic to their site, more calls generated and yes, added sales. And for a fraction of the monthly expense associated with Adwords. Oh, and the money they saved not using Adwords…they hired a receptionist to help handle the calls. And, hired me to write content for their social media and blog posts. Win, win for them!

Why a report and not a “done for you” service? Well, in this industry web guys can be funny. Strangely funny! And, not in a good way! Web geeks tend to be very controlling of their website builds and the coding they use and don’t like outsiders (especially smarty pants SEO wizards) screwing up their work. We don’t screw up their work, we enhance it so the website is seen by the search engines, but somehow they feel threatened that we are screwing with their property or something. So, a detailed report is designed so your web guys can make the changes while still feeling in control. Yeah, I know weird right…but it makes everyone happy.

Although, 90% of my clients elect to have me just do all the work and know it’s getting done right.

Still Curious?

Here’s what you do…

if you believe that your website could use help…

  • not ranking where you had hoped,
  • not bringing in the sales,
  • not generating the followers

…it’s time you contacted me.

I’ll look over your website and if it’s a candidate for improvement I’ll let you know where the problems are, you can either try doing it yourself (not recommended) or hire me. I can either craft a detailed, customized SEO report that shows you page by page where all the changes need to occur. And yes, I’ll give you the actual codes you or your web design team need to have to improve your website. Or, you can hire me to implement all the changes and know they are getting done the right way.

If your website is determined to need my services I will let you know exactly what I can do and what results you can expect. And if you elect to go the route of my comprehensive, detailed SEO report I’ll let you know the cost as well.

Here’s what you’ll receive…

A complete breakdown of your main pages (up to 15 main pages, sub pages & blog posts extra)
Why your current SEO isn’t working and how to fix it
What elements should be added (or removed) for better ROI, retargeting and client acquisition.
Review of your copy (the written content) for clarity

Armed with this new information you’ll be able to revamp your website for higher ranking, better conversion, higher quality traffic and more effective sales.

And here’s the best part…

If you order the website report and for some unknown reason your web people aren’t sure how to implement everything in it and you elect to hire us to make the changes the cost of the report will be refunded back to you. 

Just click the “Order Now” button to get started…and I’ll get to work reviewing your site.