By Rob Anspach

Rob Versus The Yahoos

Taming Bloated Egos and Obnoxious Behaviors with Rapier Wit & Sensational Sarcasm

“In a black & white world, Rob is a blueprint. You know all those times in life you wish you’d had a snappy comeback? Rob lays them out here, in real-time, with an arsenal stacked so high you could take out an entire nation of yahoos. They keep calling and, as long as he keeps picking up the phone, the world will never run out of laughter. BONUS: Rob’s batting average of converting ‘Scam Likely’ into ‘Sarcasm More Likely’ will make him a first-ballot Humor Hall of Famer!”  

~ Steve Gamlin – The Motivational Firewood™ Guy

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Rob Versus The Yahoos

Yahoos Beware…

“If you have ever received a suspicious friend request or email from a stranger claiming to have a business opportunity for you, you will relate to what Rob highlights in his series of “Rob Versus” books. In this seventh in the series, “Rob Versus The Yahoos,” we see more of his personality come through. Rob has no patience for those who don’t “get it.” One of the best examples of this is his story of “Decline, Decline, Decline,” where a potential client wants him to sign a NDA in order to create posts that are meant to be shared publicly. I used to think these stories were funny, but now I’m beginning to realize just how sad it is that this is the norm for the world we live in. At least Rob allows us to laugh at the senselessness of these Yahoos!” ~ Greg Jameson, Author of several books including: “Written by a Robot: The Saga Of One Man’s Journey Into A Digital Retirement” and “The Influencer Effect: Insider Tips for Gearing Up Your Online Success”

“A Must Read For Any Gullible Relative On Your Gift Giving List! Always a teachable moment, Rob Anspach’s “Rob Versus The Yahoos” gives you more insight into how to deal with telemarketing schemers (and other yahoos) pretending to know about you and your household business. Don’t fall for those “local area” calls. Be smarter and read this book! Hell —- get all the “Rob Versus” books. They don’t disappoint!” ~  Laura Toogood, Podcaster and creator of Bitches On Benches, and Canadianish Comedians!

“If you have ever been bugged, irritated or even furious with a Yahoo, this is the book for you. Rob takes these egotistical Yahoos to the woodshed in a way that will make you laugh out loud. As usual with the Rob Versus books, he uses wicked sarcasm to get these Yahoos to the quick.  I highly recommend that you pick this book up at your first opportunity, you will not regret it!” ~ Ted Tedford,

“I just put down Rob’s latest assault on our free-speech, capitalist system, Rob vs the Yahoos! I am a bit shocked that he answers the phone himself and is still so deep in the Dark Ages that he doesn’t have A Call Center in Pakistan answer his phone, nor at the very least have that numbering call forwarding system so popular amongst the scammers. But he should.

I can see it now:

Press 1 to be included in my next “Rob Versus” book

Press 2 for insults about your cold pitch…

Press 3 for sarcastic replies to your bank scam…

Press 4 for miscellaneous insults…

Press 5 if you’re a cheap wanna-be client…

But Noooooo…. Rob is old school. He answers the phone and that when all the fun starts. But Rob is at the top of his game, more Zen than Zen, more Obi-wan than Obi, more Mr. Miyagi than Miyagi, and so each tale of woe and zingers is also full of life lessons, especially for the elder, the young and the, dare I say it? naive. Instead of bedtime stories, I read my children a chapter (they’re short) from Rob’s books so when they get out of diapers they have Rob’s wisdom embedded in their little brains. I follow this up with repeated viewings of Rob’s favorite movies and shows so they have no lack of comeback line to inflict of Yahoos. I heartedly recommend this book and others in the series. Use the knowledge you gain wisely and always remember…. Your significant other is not a Yahoo!” ~ Scott Paton, Podcast Director and Course Instructor at Udemy

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Rob Anspach

Rob Anspach (aka Mr Sarcasm) exposes the shenanigans of scammers, time wasters, fraudsters, fools and lousy customer service with his sarcastic take on how the world should really work. Every book is jam packed full of humorous, laugh out loud stories that ultimately teach a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, those in the stories usually find they miscalculated who Rob is and don’t know what to do with his sarcasm, which makes the stories even funnier.

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Rob Anspach has done it again!

– Ben Gay III


It seems like you’ve somehow hit a mythical level, where you manage to attract some of the dumbest people in the world.

– Manny Wolfe

I highly recommend this easy read of entertaining real life/real world experiences!

– Michael Schmidlen

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