By Rob Anspach

Rob Versus The Entitled

Defeating The Aggressive, Offended, and Easily Triggered With A Little Common Sense & A Lot Of Sarcasm.

“I’m not usually one for sequels. Too often, they’ve wrecked franchises. But Rob is different. The scripts keep showing up on his doorstep…and they are gold. At this point, I’m pretty sure if Rob was asked “If you were stuck on a deserted island for 5 years, what would you bring with you?”, he would reply: “A solar-powered cell-phone with Caller ID”. By the time he got rescued, he’d have a half-dozen new books. This edition is my new favorite. I believe it should be combined with Mad Libs® and given to everyone over the age of 65 as a weapon against scammers. If my Dad was still alive, he would’ve gotten this book for Christmas.”Steve Gamlin, Keynote Speaker, Author, The Motivational Firewood™ Guy

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Rob Versus The Entitled

Entitled Beware…

“In ‘Rob Vs. The Entitled’, Rob Anspach continues his tales of battling those people without whom life would be more enjoyable — namely The Entitled. The Entitled are those who want something for nothing, and want Rob to provide it. His varying ways of shutting them down are detailed in this hilarious account of what lengths The Entitled will go to in order to get stuff for free or reduced price — all at Rob’s expense, of course.

With humorous candor, Rob flatly refuses to deal with The Entitled except on his terms, and tells them so. Their astounded replies to Rob’s salty comebacks are a delight to read for those who wish to free themselves from the tyranny of providing always-smiley customer service that causes us as entrepreneurs to drink after hours. Rob’s account of demanding and oafish potential clients and employers reminds me why I’m happiest when working on my own terms, and living my life my way.

Rob actually does what “nicer” people fear to do, daring to “offend” the offensive, call out (by name–have you seen Chapter Nine?) the demanding and entitled, and make fun of the blatantly stupid. If you’d like all the humor, but none of the hassle of dealing with The Entitled, then you simply must read this book.” ~Angela Langlotz

“In a culture which is more and more entitled and prone to butt-hurt with every passing second, Rob Anspach is one aspirational SOB. Rob skewers the cancerous tumor of inflated egos, crybabies, and narcissism with a set of extraordinary sharp and sarcastic fangs. I can only aspire to be as sarcastic, biting, or funny as Rob is. Reading “Rob vs the Entitled” gave me a sense of satisfaction that someone, somewhere, is working to waste the time of the scammers, and working against the flood of people who feel that it’s perfectly reasonable to take our time away without our permission. Rob, maybe some day I can grow up to be as cutting and intolerant as you are. I can only hope.” ~ Eric Ridley, Estate Planning Attorney

“This book is definitely worth the read, his quick wit is a detriment to those that open themselves to a chance to experience it. Once you start reading you will not want to put it down. Definitely worth of being in the Rob versus series. Keep up the great work you are doing Rob. Your books always make me smile and brighten my day.” ~David L. Brown – Business Plan Answer Man, International bestselling author.

“As soon as I got a copy of Rob’s book, I immediately sent it to my daughter. The next day, we sat at the kitchen table reading the stories to each other, laughing at how Rob was able to confuse and waste the time of these annoying callers. We loved how he made heroic efforts to give back to these scammers exactly what they’ve been taking from the general public for so many years; our time and money. We found it hysterical that they didn’t understand his movie references and clearly didn’t get his sarcasm that so quickly cut to the quick their efforts to scam him out of his money. What makes Rob’s books so funny and amusing is that each of us can relate to what he’s going through. Why? Because we’ve all been in his situation. The only difference is that he’s taken his wit and sarcasm to a whole new level that prompts you to laugh out loud and smile on the inside. By the time you finish reading each of his stories, you begin to wish that it was you who thought of these witty responses and comebacks that he so eloquently reproduces for us in his remarkable books. My daughter and I bookmarked various responses to use the next time one of these call centers call us asking us to press #1 asking for our information; whether it’s from the IRS, the Sheriff’s office, the warranty center or anyone looking to waste our time. We loved the latest book and highly encourage you to get your copy now.” ~Gerry Oginski, The Law Office of Gerald M. Oginski, LLC 

The Quadra-tome Of Sarcastic Engagement: Rob has pigeonholed just about every segment of society with his series of “Rob Versus” books.  His latest output collects a variety of true wit as he relates the daily contacts and requests that he receives. Not only does Rob put scammers on the defensive and they end up losing their cool due to their own bungling, but he adds terrific advice at the end of each segment so you can learn how to deal with the daily interruptions and annoyances in Rob’s style. I heartily recommend this not only for the laughs, but the tips you’ll glean from it. ~ Paul Klein

Best Selling Author

Rob Anspach

Rob Anspach (aka Mr Sarcasm) exposes the shenanigans of scammers, time wasters, fraudsters, fools and lousy customer service with his sarcastic take on how the world should really work. Every book is jam packed full of humorous, laugh out loud stories that ultimately teach a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, those in the stories usually find they miscalculated who Rob is and don’t know what to do with his sarcasm, which makes the stories even funnier.

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“I was completely outraged, triggered, and offended by this book. I was going to call the author and complain, but I didn’t want to end up in his next one.

– Steve Sipress


Rob uses humor, and an excellent sense of sarcasm, that truly make this compilation of stories a funny exercise on revenge best served. 

– Russell Hoffman


Got to page 45 drinking my coffee yesterday morning. Chuckles and full belly laughs. Also, solid knowledge bombs. I’m loving it so far.

– Jen Grosso

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