Unscripted, Unfiltered, Un-Woo-Woo & Un-Guru (Book)


Just Two No BS Guys Talking About Entrepreneurship



What this book is…
Is two guys who get it!
Who share their experiences being entrepreneurs.
Who genuinely care about their clients.
Who warn people about scams.
Who have worked the trenches and have actual battle scars from decades of business ownership.
Who have written books and created courses.
Who have been suckered punch and kicked in the jimmies.
And, are here to tell you the truth…
about real entrepreneur shit.
No fluff.
Just real, raw, & relatable.

But read what other awesome people had to say about the book…

A Masterclass In Business
“I’ve known Rob and Steve for years, and the wisdom between the two of them is nothing short of a Masterclass in Business. Un-Guru Yourself and just start being REAL with this ‘No BS’ discussion between two long-time entrepreneurs. In an honest interview style, these two powerhouses tell you what works, what doesn’t work, and the ins and outs of today’s modern business owner. ” – Brad Szollose, Serial Entrepreneur, Host of Awakened Nation

Highly Recommend
“This outstanding book is written by two regular guys who have been through the entrepreneurial trenches and want to share their successes, and their struggles, with the world. Their advice is down-to-earth and relatable. Be authentic, show integrity, and keep it simple were my primary takeaways. This book absolutely lived up to its title – there was not one sanctimonious platitude anywhere. I would highly recommend this very inspirational book to any entrepreneur who wants to achieve their goals.” –  Liz Brenner

Saying The Things You Need To Hear
Real, raw, honest, and entertaining. In other words, just two authentic, experienced, in-the-trenches, regular guys sharing what it’s like to deal with the reality of being an entrepreneur. They may not always say what you want to hear, but they do say the things you need to hear. They cared enough about you to produce this book – you should care enough about yourself to read it and put its lessons into action. Steve Sipress, Founder of The WOW! Strategy™ Small Business Success Program

An Inspiration For Future Entrepreneurs
“Rob and Steve have a great connection…what you see, is what you get! Both shared their ups and downs through the earlier years, yet continued to forge ahead without compromising their integrity. This is definitely an inspiration for future entrepreneurs to continue on their journey despite “bumps” in the road.” – Evelyn Friedrich

It’s All About The Message
“Real, authentic and heartfelt. Rob and Steve show us how being perfect is over rated. It’s all about the message and how when we share by being ourselves we make a powerful difference. Thanks for showing us how it’s done!” –Terry Wildemann,  Intuitive Success Navigator, The S.M.I.L.E. Initiative Hub

Read Between The Lines
Rob and Steve have a lot to say, Entrepreneurs need to spend time reading this book, read between the lines, BE AUTHENTIC, KNOW WHO YOU ARE, FOCUS ON YOUR SUPERPOWER, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES, WHAT YOU HAVE WILL HELP OTHERS, NEVER GIVE UP!” Barry Jacobson

Powerful Lessons
“Rob and Steve are the REAL DEAL!  No posturing, primping, or grandiose “alpha-macho” sentiments. It’s simply two dudes, having a conversation, sharing wisdom from winning and the lessons learned when they don’t. There are so many simple, yet powerful lessons to help you remember WHY you’re here, and how to attack life on your terms.” – Kris Whitehead

A note from Rob & Steve: Our hope is that the conversations you’re about to read inspire you to take action, to raise your prices, to write books, design courses, to do what we do and to help others succeed. Enjoy.

** If you can afford to purchase this book, proceeds will be donated to the Beach Bum Philantropy (a 501c3) that helps so many people. If for whatever reason buying this book would create a financial hardship, please use code: UNGURU to receive $19.95 off the purchase and just pay for the shipping.


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