Social Media, SEO & Life Lessons

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Discovering Social Media, SEO and Lessons to improve your business

Share: 27 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust & Attract Followers
Optimize This: How Two Carpet Cleaners Consistently Beat Web Designers On The Search Engines
Lessons From The Dojo: 101 Kick Butt Ways To Improve Your Life, Business and Relationships
No Experience Necessary: Social Media For The Boomers, Gen X-ers & The Over 50 Entrepreneur


In Share:27 Ways and No Experience Necessary you’ll learn tactics that will help you build trust with your fans and make cheerleaders out of your followers. Real world examples that show how easy social media can be with the right formula in place. Social media opens up that avenue where you can share your stories with others to get them to trust you faster. When that trust is built, new and exciting and wonderful relationships are possible.

In Optimize This, you’ll discover how two former carpet cleaning entrepreneurs consistently out performed web designers for top rank for key search terms on Google’s first page. Rob Anspach and Paul Douglas pull back the digital curtain and reveal the secrets they used to become search engine bullies to push their competition down the ranks of the search engine listings. You’ll learn the process to pick the right keywords, the difference between on-page and off-page SEO and how to squeeze your competition off of page 1 and be the dominant listing for consumers to choose. Rob and Paul will share the truth about backlinks and why the rules on content are changing.

If it matters to you, then it’s worth fighting for! Lessons From The Dojo will teach you, inspire you, motivate you and maybe even frustrate you…embrace them! The lessons in this book will set you on a course that prepares you for a brighter, happier future.



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