Rob Versus The Yahoos


Yahoos Beware…

Wowzers…what started out as an idea to share my sarcastic conversations dealing with scammers has grown into a series of “Rob Versus” books loved by people all across this big blue world.

This is book 7.

And, yeah it’s okay if you read them out of order. I mean seriously how am I going to stop you?

So pre-order your autographed copy of “Rob Versus The Yahoos: Taming Bloated Egos and Obnoxious Behaviors with Rapier Wit & Sensational Sarcasm” today…hey, it’s freaking hilarious. 

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“If you have ever received a suspicious friend request or email from a stranger claiming to have a business opportunity for you, you will relate to what Rob highlights in his series of “Rob Versus” books. In this seventh in the series, “Rob Versus The Yahoos,” we see more of his personality come through. Rob has no patience for those who don’t “get it.” One of the best examples of this is his story of “Decline, Decline, Decline,” where a potential client wants him to sign a NDA in order to create posts that are meant to be shared publicly. I used to think these stories were funny, but now I’m beginning to realize just how sad it is that this is the norm for the world we live in. At least Rob allows us to laugh at the senselessness of these Yahoos!” ~ Greg Jameson

“Rob Anspach has done it again! And to think I thought he might be running out of well-deserved victims to embarrass. Never will, I guess! Full disclosure: Whenever I receive one of Rob’s books to review, I quickly scan it as I do our local newspaper’s obituaries (just to be sure I’m not there!). Since it appears I dodged the bullet again this time, I fully endorse “Rob Versus the Yahoos.” It is sharp, funny, insightful, and almost impossible to believe, as are all of his books. “Almost impossible to believe” because these people apparently shuffle around among us and vote! So that explains that. All the best!”  ~ Ben Gay III

“Rob Versus The Yahoos will bring some humor into your life, while showcasing stories that teach a lesson. This book allows you not to take life personally and to listen to your own internal judgment and to not take  BS from morons, the entitled, scammers, whackadoos, unicorns and yahoos! This book is one you pick up and realize you are above all the insanity of the world and will live your life on your own terms. A great pattern interrupt from the entitlement of users!” ~ Lee Milteer

“In a black & white world, Rob is a blueprint. You know all those times in life you wish you’d had a snappy comeback? Rob lays them out here, in real-time, with an arsenal stacked so high you could take out an entire nation of yahoos. They keep calling and, as long as he keeps picking up the phone, the world will never run out of laughter. BONUS: Rob’s batting average of converting ‘Scam Likely’ into ‘Sarcasm More Likely’ will make him a first-ballot Humor Hall of Famer!”  ~ Steve Gamlin

“A Must Read For Any Gullible Relative On Your Gift Giving List! Always a teachable moment, Rob Anspach’s “Rob Versus The Yahoos” gives you more insight into how to deal with telemarketing schemers (and other yahoos) pretending to know about you and your household business. Don’t fall for those “local area” calls. Be smarter and read this book! Hell —- get all the “Rob Versus” books. They don’t disappoint!” ~  Laura Toogood

“This book was so fun for me to read. Rob adds quick wit and sarcastic humor to frustrating situations that we have ALL experienced! What do I say to this “yahoo” on the phone or the random social media message?  He manages to have a response to every awkward situation that is presented to him… I thought I had a lot of these calls and pain-in-the-butt experiences… not even close to what Rob shares in the book! For me the book offered an enjoyable, lighthearted read and at times I found myself literally laughing out loud from the situations. Definitely recommend this book! A fun read for sure!” ~ Mike Phillips

“Rob does it again, another dose of healthy sarcasm and how not to fall for scams, fools, idiots and yahoos. Rob Versus books are like Greenpeace and whales… save the whole set!”Jonathan Thompson


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