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Nincompoops Beware…

“Now in his 8th installment in the series, Rob’s books have become the reverse equivalent of an ‘English as a Second Language’ course. He has learned how to curse fluently in at least a dozen dialects. Rob’s phone, tablet and car stereo are portals to the Bermuda Triangle of Wasted Time for scammers and nincompoops. Somewhere in a dark and dingy call-center there is a mug with Rob’s face on it, ready to be awarded to the caller who can accurately recite his name, home address, date of birth and company which provides his internet service.

~ Steve Gamlin, The Motivational Firewood ™ Guy

Order your autographed copy of “Rob Versus The Nincompoops: Sarcastically Knocking The Common Sense Back Into The Daft, The Charlatans & The Not So Know-It-Alls” today…hey, it’s packed with rib-tickling sarcasm

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“OMG….read that in a quick sitting. Still laughing! WTF really a Wisa card?!? Diagnosed with Sarcasm… Note from mom! I have taken the lead from my friend Rob and love to entertain myself with scammers now.  It’s a new sport to frustrate unknown callers and get blocked. I am reminded of a joke that has a play on words…What is the difference between a pun and a fart? A pun is a shift of wit!” ~ Travis Rohrer

“Book 8 of the Rob Versus series is one of his best works yet. I have to say though that Rob is a very bad influence on me through his books as his snarkiness and sarcasm propagate its way into my own conversations with Scammers, and amateur sales people who call me up on a daily basis. Arm yourself with the rapier wit that Rob shares and drive these people crazy, waste their time, and keep them from ripping someone off a little longer.”

~ Paul Douglas  (my coauthor on “Optimize This”)

“Our favorite superhero, Rob Anspach aka Scammer Bane, strikes again –  armed with his razor-sharp wit and sarcastic comments, he is out there to fight the ignorance, arrogance and the outright ineptitude of the modern world. I loved the perfect mixture of humor, no-so-understated irony and sagacious warnings. Brilliantly sarcastic and unputdownable. This book will make you laugh out loud.” ~ J. H. Tepley

(author of the “Lightwatch Chronicles” & other cool books)

“This could be Rob’s best book yet! (And this is coming from a longtime fan!) It is past time for us to turn our own wit against the Nincompoops who are flooding our inboxes and ringing our phones. And, for the record, I agree with your assessment that WE are safer because YOU are wasting these nincompoops time!” ~ B. Michelle Pippin

“Well, what can I say? Rob, you did it again! Rob Versus The Nincompoops will crack you up and keep you thinking to yourself, ‘why didn’t I think to reply like that?’  Rob lays out story after story detailing his daily battles against scammers, Charlatans and Know-It-Alls.  Rob uses his wry sarcastic humor to pointedly display his witty and rib-tickling methods to give it back to the scammers of the world and put them on their heels.  I am always fascinated and amused by these exchanges and highly recommend reading this book, especially when I want to laugh out loud!” ~ Ted Tedford (author of the “Empathetic Lawyer”)

“Rob sucked me back in once again with his new book “Rob Versus The Nincompoops!” I thought I’d read just a chapter or two before I realized I was 35 pages in and it was 1:00 AM. Bigger, funnier and with double the sarcasm. Pick up a copy for your friends and family.” ~ Brad Szollose, Host of Awakened Nation Podcast

“It’s always fun to read Rob’s “Versus” books and the “Nincompoops” edition you are holding is no exception. Some people think Rob is rude, but I actually admire him for taking the time to talk to these people when I don’t have that kind of patience. If you too are like me and would rather not talk to the growing number of not so know-it-alls in the world, you can still get a good laugh just by reading Rob’s conversations with these nincompoops. Thanks for bringing some humor to my day!” ~ Greg Jameson, Best Selling Author and eCommerce entrepreneur 

“The great thing about Rob Versus The Nincompoops is that it doesn’t just make you laugh; it’s a blueprint for how to handle the tsunami of stupidity that being online forces you to face on a daily basis. Read it and I defy you to not get snippy with the next fool who pops up in your inbox.” ~ Jody Raynsford, Founder of Hello Genius and author of “How To Start A Cult”

“Complete, non-stop hilarity (and very useful information). Sarcasm is most definitely Rob’s superpower. If you read only one of Rob’s books, this should be the one. But you’d be a nincompoop to make that mistake. Read them all.” ~ Steve Sipress, Founder of The WOW! Strategy™

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