Rob Versus Books 1-8

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Rob Versus Books 1-8

Rob Versus The Scammers
Rob Versus The Morons
Rob Versus Humanity
Rob Versus The Entitled
Rob Versus The Whackadoos
Rob Versus The Unicorns
Rob Versus The Yahoos
Rob Versus The Nincompoops

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Rob Anspach (aka Mr Sarcasm) exposes the shenanigans of scammers, time wasters, fraudsters, fools and lousy customer service with his sarcastic take on how the world should really work. Every book is jam packed full of humorous, laugh out loud stories that ultimately teach a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, those in the stories usually find they miscalculated who Rob is and don’t know what to do with his sarcasm, which makes the stories even funnier.

“Reading Rob’s fast-paced, story-filled books makes you feel as if you are secretly listening in on his mind-blowing conversations not only with customer but also with business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t understand what it means to play by the rules”Gerry Oginski

“Many thanks to you Rob for being funny, sarcastic, and down-right mean to these scammers! I applaud your work, and the smiles you bring to others”John Pournaras

“Think of Rob Anspach as Scammer TSA…and he’s wearing an extra-large rubber glove.”Steve Gamlin

“Rob Anspach’s ‘Rob Versus’ series of books are hilarious”Greg Jameson

“Every time my phone rings and says, “Scam Likely,” I think of Rob and know that thanks to him and his brilliant book series, I never have to answer any of these calls myself to be informed and entertained by them. Keep answering those calls, Rob — even though you know you shouldn’t!”Steve Sipress, Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur

Read the Rob Versus series today and enjoy quick-witted sarcasm, snark and wit at their finest and learn how you too can out-maneuver phone scammers, lousy sales reps, the triggered, the obnoxious and the down-right offended.


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