Navigating Hollywood


Have an idea for Hollywood?

Do you dream of writing a script? How about acting in film or TV?

Or maybe even directing or producing that next big blockbuster? You can turn your vision into a market viable product, and with this book you can discover how to creatively get into the film industry on your own merits.

Pre-order Navigating Hollywood: How Writers, Actors, Directors & Producers Can Achieve More By Thinking Creatively” today.

Available MAY 2023


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“Absolutely fantastic, very readable, insightful, honest, and from the heart. Rather than coming from a place of an authority figure on the topics, it was presented rather from someone’s actual genuine and humble experiences.”
~ Gary A. Familathe, Independent Producer

If you are just starting out or have been in the business for 20 years, Jonathan gives you the proper tools and a new perspective on the business of marketing yourself to studios. A book that should be part of any film majors curriculum.”  Ryan Crissey, CEO, Watch Us Fly Studios

“Jonathan Thompson is the go to guy of go to guys. The lessons he shares in this book can and will apply to anyone looking to break into the business. I liked the bits of humor interjected throughout, and combined with the knowledge and experience Jonathan has, gives the entire book a warm inviting feel that doesn’t detract from the educational points.” ~ Rob Nelson, Screenwriter, Author, Artist.

“This book is a must-have eye-opener for anyone trying to break into Hollywood! There is an entire business side to this industry that they didn’t teach me about in screenwriting courses. Avoid making some common and costly mistakes on the road to achieving your dreams by taking advantage of the years of wisdom within.  Learning how EPs, Producers, Directors, and Investors operate and work together has caused me as a writer to better understand the entire process and appreciate the enormity of bringing my story to the screen. This should be required reading in every screenwriting course!” ~ Christie E. Hayman, Multi-Optioned Screenwrite

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