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Mindset Magic – New Orleans 2022

Or the Unf*cking of the F*ckery That F*cked With Your Mind!

Yeah, most people know that I’m not a big F-word fan.

So for me to even use that word in a marketing piece means something has really F-ed up.

Oh yeah…the world did.

Covid kicked our asses all over the place.

And screwed with our heads.

Entrepreneurs had to adapt.

The only problem was those that adapted soon discovered that their critical thinking, their knowledge assessment and their ability to judge what risks were worth taking had gone “Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs”.

Yup, all aboard the crazy train they went…one after another.

Even the gurus, you know the ones, they stopped posting about their newest plane or Ferrari purchase and started offering free Zoom classes. Yeah, that blew my mind too. And after a few did it, all the other guru wannabes jumped on that bandwagon. Then all the online training became free. Courses that used to sell for thousands were discounted down to ZERO. Every info-marketer was tossed into combat to see who could out “freebie” the other.

But wait…

…aren’t we as entrepreneurs supposed to make money?

Yes WE are!

And aren’t we then supposed to use that money to pay for employees, computers and all the other expenses needed to run a business?

Again the answer is YES.

That’s precisely where the f*ckery comes in. You see our minds started to question everything. If the gurus were giving away stuff for free, how could the average entrepreneur that is already struggling compete with such lunacy?

The answer was… and still is: we can’t!

Oh, but entrepreneurs tried. And the more they tried, the more that f*ckery sucker punched their mindset. They second guessed everything to death. I witnessed entrepreneurs do some strange things. And I have to admit I wasn’t immune from the f*ckery either. My mindset through the whole pandemic was not pleasant. There was some emotional roller coaster shit going on, I bet you experienced some of the too.

One person even commented to me that I seemed a bit jaded. Maybe I was! I know darn well I was frustrated, aggravated, upset, angry and downright mad as heck due to the changes we were told to accept by our government in regards to the pandemic. Every time I turned the news on, or clicked on social media, another business owner was surrendering, closing their doors forever. It was heartbreaking. Some of them I knew personally.

It was maddening. Entrepreneurs were giving up everything they were passionate about because they were told to, or were afraid of what others would say.

And there were days I wanted to scream. I think I even did. 

I realized though that ME giving up wasn’t an option. Nor was giving away free stuff.

I refocused my attitude…recentered my thinking…and adjusted my mindset.

And I made 2020 my best year ever. Even during the Covid shit storm.

As others were failing, I got down to business and produced 4 books in that time. Two of them were client books and the other two were under my “Rob Versus” label which is a series of books that entertains using sarcasm and humor while teaching valuable life and entrepreneurial lessons.

Those “Rob Versus” books were in fact marketing pieces designed to attract the perfect client. And they did! During a worldwide shut-down mind you…I made money for myself and my clients.

Now, this is not one of those “write a book” events…

I mean if after the event you want to write a book, that’s up to you. I was just using my book writing as an example of what helped me keep my mindset focused. Other’s it could be running, or meditation, or yoga. And to some it could even be off to the shooting range (golf or guns…I’ve heard it both ways). But see that’s the thing…each one of us needs an outlet to help us focus our energy. To unf*ck the f*ckery that f*cked with our mind in the first place.

Unfortunately for some it’s not that easy.

Maybe that’s how you feel right now?

Maybe the thought of focusing your mind to be more powerful, more productive and more profitable is not something you thought possible. Well, you would be wrong. And this is precisely why you need to be a part of “Mindset Magic”.

It’s a two and half day event  (January 25, 26, 27) in the cultural melting pot of America.

New Orleans!

The Big Easy!

The best city in the world to get your mindset “unf*cked”.

Oh, and I brought in some experts to help you on your journey to unlock the magic in your mind.

And let me tell you, I have personally worked with (and interviewed for my podcast) all of the awesome speakers I’ve assembled for this event.

And if you’re thinking this is going to be some “rah-rah” motivation jive fest…oh I hate those. So nope, not happening here. This is going to be “next level, down to brass tacks, get that negative garbage thinking out of your brain, because you’re better than that” event you need right now.

What you’ll experience…

  • Crystal Clear Thinking
  • Secrets To Manifesting
  • Being Bold, Being Brilliant, Being YOU!
  • How To Outshine Your Competition
  • Adapting Technology To Capture More Leads
  • And so much more.

And let’s not forget about the city we are going to be in. OMG! Simply magical!

If you’ve never been to NOLA…I know you’ll love it.

I was there a few years and I was blown away…

… it’s shocking, and cultural, and religious, and spooky, and mystical and most of all its amazingly welcoming.

If you’ve been to New Orleans…then you know what I’m talking about.

There is no other city like it.

And I’ve got some things planned that will knock your socks off.


No, it’s not going to be one of those “sit your butt down all day and not see the area”…pfft.

I’ve been to way too many of those events to know nobody likes that crap. So, I’m not doing that. No way, no how!

I want you to learn, to reset your mind, to experience the magic…and to have fun.

Oh, and fun you shall have.

Melting pot…and all!

I know you’re ready to experience some Mindset Magic.

But first, you have to stop second guessing yourself.

Stop allowing that f*ckery to take hold of your dreams and preventing you from living your best life.

You Need To Take Action!

You Need To Sign Up.

And You Need To Do It Soon.

Because there’s just 3 tiny caveats you need to be aware of…

1) You see as much I would love to help every entrepreneur get clear on their mindset…I know only a few will be serious and take action. And honestly, I only have room for 40 participants. So yeah…if you want to learn the secrets to unf*ck your mind and become a better entrepreneur…then click the sign up button right now.

2) The price does not include hotel or airfare…so you’re free to choose where you stay and how you get there. The only thing I recommend is that you be at the event on time.  

3) If you clicked on the sign up button up top you might have notice there is only one option to pay? Yup, through PayPal. And depending on your relationship with PayPal you might qualify for their pay in 4 option. Click on it and let’s get you started.

Now that we got payment methods out of the way.

Here’s the speakers I’ve assembled…

We’re a happy bunch of misfits who have come together to help entrepreneurs overcome adversity and help them make better decisions for a brighter future.

Sherry Hemstreet

Sherry Hemstreet

The Queen Of Manifesting

Brandon Straza

Brandon Straza

The Genius behind The Mastermind Effect & The Success Finder

Jen Grosso

Jen Grosso

Founder of The Boldfire Institute

Tony "Stark" Policci

Tony "Stark" Policci

Head of the Copy Avengers

Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin

Founder of Women Who WOW

Jamie McCormick

Jamie McCormick

The Master Perceptionist Speaker

Faith Sage

Faith Sage

Sales Funnels Magician

Rob Anspach

Rob Anspach

Host of Mindset Magic, Founder of Anspach Media

From Rob Anspach

My Promise To You

If after 1 year (365 days) you haven’t made at least an extra $25,000 from the ideas, concepts and strategies taught at Mindset Magic- New Orleans I will personally refund the amount you paid plus your travel and lodging expenses. So you really have nothing to lose. Now let’s get you signed up.


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Mindset Magic – New Orleans 2022

January 25, 26 & 27