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You have a brand, a goal, a purpose…our mission is to make sure others can find you, learn about you and buy from you.

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* Each package includes digital ad management - and an ad spend credit package.

Packages are based on a singular location, for multiple locations or a customized service please contact us for a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Social Media Work With Authority Building?

Social media is all about building up those relationships through education, entertainment and engagement. Social media is NOT a place to constantly pitch your product or slam your audience with your marketing message. It’s NOT an instant gratification sales tool. It’s a place to discover new friends, interact with fans and build a loyal following. Your fan page should be all about creating an experience for your audience so they want to comment, like and share your status to others.

How Frequently Is Content Created & Scheduled?

Content is what helps build trust with your audience. That content should educate, entertain and engage your fans, friends and followers. Sadly, most companies lack the time, the energy or the understanding of how to effectively create the right type of content that builds trust. With our Authority Basics program we schedule at least one post per day on Facebook, with our other programs the frequently of posts increases. 

Do I Need To Commit To A Package?

Absolutely not. A package makes it easier to build your authority faster, but you may not be ready for that commitment. If you only need a one-time service, or development of a website or help with social media, just ask and we will be glad to quote a price. 

How Does Publishing A Book Help?

Your book is your message to the world. It’s your calling card. It’s the ultimate trust creation tool. If your competitor hands out a business card in hopes of gaining new customers and you hand out a book…guess who wins 90% of the time. Yep, the person who’s name is on the book. Your book gives you the edge…it creates authority and adds credibility to your name.

Why A Podcast?

A podcast allows you to bring your style and personality to audiences all over the globe. It’s YOU amplified in a whole new way. Your podcast can be accessed through various channels like iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV, Blubrry and more. 

How Fast Can You Get Started Helping Our Business?

How fast do you need us to start? Depending on the project and package you choose in most cases we can start right away. If we need to travel to your location (where ever that is across the globe) just say the word and the Anspach Media team will be on the way. 

How much of our time is involved?

Your involvement is up to you. On average though, our clients spend less than 2 hours a week with our team to review the content being produced to help them build authority with their audiences. 

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