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Here’s What’s Included In The Digital Marketing Audit:

 We’ll critique your current social media: reviewing everything that you are doing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and even TikTok and we’ll let you know what’s working and what’s not.

We’ll critique your website: informing you what’s missing and why the site isn’t performing well.

We’ll also look at your Google presence: is what you’re doing adding or subtracting from how Google ranks you in their environment.

That’s 3 elements that make up a huge portion of your digital marketing endeavors. And improving those 3 things alone can add thousands (possibly millions) to your bottom line.

But wait there’s more…

Well deep dive into your Google Ads (if you are currently running them) looking at every ad and campaign and seeing how they can be improved. Over the years we have found this to be an area of major money suck. Overspending on PPC (pay per click) is very easy to do. Our goal is to show you how to reduce ad spend while increasing traffic clicks.

Let’s recap…

The Digital Marketing Audit includes…

    1.  Social Media

    2.  Website SEO

    3.  Search

    4.  Google Ads

    And all you have to do to claim the digital marketing audit is fill in your information below, that’s it.

    There is no cost involved.

    Sure, we do hope that with the information presented in the audit you might consider hiring our firm to help you with your marketing, but there is no obligation and no strings attached. 




    What Others Are Saying About Us

    I hired Rob Anspach to work his SEO magic on my website, and it’s resulted in more clients — and more money — for my law firm. I highly recommend Rob and Anspach Media for anyone who needs help getting their website seen in the competitive world of web rankings.

    Angela Langlotz

    Trademark Attorney

    I consider Rob a trusted advisor and highly recommend him for SEO. In fact, I recommend him to many attorneys who are looking to do exactly what you are trying to do…improve your website and your marketing.

    Gerald Oginski

    Personal Injury Attorney

    Anspach Media has turned around my SEO. Comprehensive and thorough with the personal touch to make sure I understand and that I am involved in the process. Transparent in demonstrating results. Highly recommend to any business owner ready to take their results to the next level.

    Jocelyn C. Stewart

    Military Court-Martial Attorney

    It was such a pleasure working with Rob. Very professional, experienced and skilled at what he does. I am very pleased with my website and how he set up my social media presence. I recommend him highly.

    Folusho Tugbiyele, MD

    Pelvic Floor Doctor

    I hired Anspach Media to actually maintain our SEO rankings but they have done much more than that like manage and optimize our YouTube channel, help us with Facebook and write our some our blogs and industry articles. It has to be this way since nowadays it’s all interconnected. I also partnered with Rob Anspach on writing The #AskDrA Books (Vol 1 & 2) and had him produce Manga Gastrica which our Spanish edition gastric sleeve book which has also contributed to increased rankings on the search engines.

    Dr Guillermo Alvarez

    Gastric Sleeve Doctor

    Rob and his team (AnspachMedia) are magicians when it comes to SEO. We worked with numerous SEO providers before we started working with Rob. He got us more results in 1 week than all others combined in 3 years!

    Manuj Aggarwal

    4x Patent Holder Artificial Intelligence

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