After reading one too many negative posts about how the President is handing a certain issue, I had to speak up.

So this is what I posted to my Facebook page:

The Prez signed the bill like an hour ago and people are complaining that it’s not enough, or why hasn’t it gone into effect yet, or why did he use blue ink or a why is he wearing a red tie. OMG!

You sound like a bunch of silly whiny babies. Just grow up.
I’m unfriending all y’all who can’t act civil.

“Hey how come you un-friended me?”

{chat message I received the next day}

Me: because you’re a turd

Them: what? what do you mean?

Me: you are always ranting on against something

Them: that’s no reason to unfriend me

Me: honestly, we’ve only been social media friends for maybe a few months, why do you even care if one person unfriends you?

Them: well, I care for all my friends and I don’t want to lose likes

Me: I just unfriended you like 8 hours ago, do like stalk your friends list?

Them: stalk, no? but I do use a program that tells me who unfriended me and then I reach out

Me: reach out to do what? beg to be a friend again

Them: I want to know what caused our friendship to end

Me: friendship? is that what you call it?

Them: yes, don’t you.

Me: no, we follow each other on social media, I allowed you into my circle so I could learn more about you…we haven’t achieved friendship status yet…and never will

Them: F&($ @%% then.

Me: yup turd!

{and they blocked me}

~Cleaning up the internet one turd at a time!~

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