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Digital Marketing has become that modern medium that will help transform your law practice into a lead generation magnet.


Lawyers now have to work harder than ever at marketing to their audiences.

And to the tech-challenged…it can be downright frustrating.

Hi, I’m Rob Anspach and my team and I help lawyers discover how to market themselves using social media, search engine optimization, blogging, book publishing and more. And let me tell ya, I’ve been an entrepreneur since before websites or even social media came about so I’ve experienced all the painful transitions from print to digital. 

Yeah, it’s been a long journey. When I first started as an entrepreneur the phonebook was the go-to resource. Now you ask anyone what a phone book is and they just stare at you.

But it was easier then.

Running ads in phone books was actually a no-brainer. Pay an agency to whip up an ad and you could run it for years, possibly decades without ever changing the wording. Then you would just tell people via radio and television to see your ad in whatever phonebook you wanted to direct them to. Oy, I never understood the insanity behind spending money in one medium (example: radio) to direct someone to another medium (yellow pages) where all your competitors are also telling people to find them. Just crazy!

The downside to phone books was it grouped all lawyers in the same venue. Well it grouped every business good or bad, within the covers of those directories. And sadly, the plumbers’ ad looked like the lawyers’ ad which looked like the electricians’ ad and so on and so forth. Name, address and phone number type ads that all looked the same.

Blah, blah, boring.

Yet, trying to embrace digital marketing for these die-hard yellow page advertisers was like teaching someone afraid of the water how to swim. Lots of kicking and screaming. 

Running a phone book ad took very little effort. Just write the check and blam-o your ad is featured.

No fuss, no muss, no sweat. As I said…a no-brainer.


Enter the internet and mass confusion.


This new medium requires effort…lots of effort.

And time. And thought. And being human.

Yep, human!

That’s something that is hard to fathom especially for attorneys who pride themselves on being serious.

Why would any lawyer want to show their human side?

  • Why would they?
  • What do they have to gain?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • Does it really matter?

Well, it comes down to one word…TRUST!

You see, money is the byproduct of trust creation

…people need to trust you before they will shell out their hard earned dollars on you or your service.


Digital Marketing Helps YOU Bridge Those Relationships

…and build trust.

Yep, and it happens every time you post, comment, share or like a page.

Oh, but I don’t know what to post about!”


How do I make the legal arena interesting for people?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ve heard all the excuses before.

You, my friend, need to rethink how you do business with people…and digital marketing will in fact put you front and center with your audience if you use it correctly and effectively.

Digital Marketing is NOT an avenue to run spammy ads or say how great you think your firm is or even constantly remind people to call you.

Doing all those things will back fire on you and cause fans, friends and followers to leave in droves.

Digital Marketing is NOT the Yellow Pages.

It’s a completely different medium.

One that takes understanding, patience and perseverance to master.

It also takes a willingness to learn.

A discovery to embark on real life conversations that enhance your authority, credibility and status as a lawyer. A journey to remove the seriousness and be more relatable to your clients.

Being human…is the key.

Your clients and potential clients need to see you as someone who is trustworthy, that comes to their aid and helps them rather then someone who forces upon them their newest ad, some legal mumbo-jumbo they don’t comprehend or pushing them to make an appointment with your secretary. They want to engage with YOU…in real time…from the comfort of their home.

In the end, digital marketing transforms you from a lawyer high on a pedestal to a friend who has their client’s backs.

Ready to get started?

Here’s my Trifecta+ Digital Marketing Audit offer…

  1. I’ll critique your current social media: reviewing everything that you are doing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and even TikTok and I’ll let you know what’s working and what’s not.
  2. I’ll also also critique your website: informing you what’s missing and why the site isn’t performing well.
  3. I’ll also look at your Google presence: is what you’re doing adding or subtracting from how Google ranks you in their environment.

That’s 3 elements that make up a huge portion of your digital marketing endeavors. And improving those 3 things alone can add thousands (possibly millions) to your firm.

But wait there’s more…

As an added Bonus…

I’ll have my team deep dive into your Google Ads (if you are currently running them) looking at every ad and campaign and seeing how they can be improved. Over the years we have found this to be an area of major money suck. Overspending on PPC (pay per click) is very easy to do and can become the bane of law firms very quickly. Our goal is to show you how to reduce ad spend while increasing traffic clicks. 

Imagine getting 20x more clicks for the same price you were paying Google to run your PPC ads.

More clicks means more traffic which means more clients. 

Now in the past I have charged up to $5,000 to review a law firm’s digital marketing…and yes, some benefitted greatly from the information then hired me, others gave it to their marketing department and did nothing with it. (That always boggles my mind…great information, yet nothing done with it.)

I don’t want you to do nothing with it.

I want you to take action.

I want you to get value from the information and actually implement what I show you.

And if you wish to hire my firm, fantastic…you won’t be disappointed. 

Now you might be asking what the fee is, am I right?  

Well it’s not $5000…although those that paid that were extremely happy with the results.

It’s not even half that amount. 

My accountant says I need to charge something, because we are giving away a lot of time and resources…but you know what, heck with him…I’m going to do something crazy…and all you have to do is fill in the form below and my team and I will critique your digital resources absolutely FREE!


Let’s recap…

The Digital Marketing Audit includes…

  1.  Social Media

  2.  Website SEO

  3.  Search

  4. Google Ads


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What Others Are Saying About Us

I hired Rob Anspach to work his SEO magic on my website, and it’s resulted in more clients — and more money — for my law firm. I highly recommend Rob and Anspach Media for anyone who needs help getting their website seen in the competitive world of web rankings.

Angela Langlotz

Trademark Attorney

I consider Rob a trusted advisor and highly recommend him for SEO. In fact, I recommend him to many attorneys who are looking to do exactly what you are trying to do…improve your website and your marketing.

Gerald Oginski

Personal Injury Attorney

Anspach Media has turned around my SEO. Comprehensive and thorough with the personal touch to make sure I understand and that I am involved in the process. Transparent in demonstrating results. Highly recommend to any business owner ready to take their results to the next level.

Jocelyn C. Stewart

Military Court-Martial Attorney


What We Do Best

Article Writing

When you need blogs for websites written or full length articles for magazines, we convey your words to build trust.

Book Publishing

A book is your calling card, it’s what separates you from the competition and it becomes your legacy…ready?

Content Creation

Quotes, memes, posts, video and online marketing ad campaigns help you educate, entertain and engage your audience…let us help.


Making sense of social media, seo, online marketing and the ever changing algorithms can be tough, we guide you and your team in the right direction.

Online Marketing

Google Adwords, Facebook Pixels, LinkedIn ads…they can all be daunting. We help you through the pay-per-click maze and maximize your online ROI.


Websites, ChatBots, Email Sequences, Video Scripts, Landing Pages and more, the Anspach Media team is ready to help you succeed.

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