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Even if you’re not a carpet cleaner, what I’m about to reveal may just be what your service based business needs right now to out market the competition.

In November 2012 after attending a Business and Entrepreneur Network meeting and listening to Ari Galper speak on “Trust Based Selling”… I wrote a letter!

Not just any letter…nope!

This one letter had people calling me within 48 hours ready to hand over their hard earned money.

And these were people that I hadn’t seen or heard from in 4 years and frankly was ready to put them in the “missing in action” file.

The letter I sent them, was 2 pages of hand-written copy (well, using a hand written font) that produced a 20 to 1 ROI (return on investment) within the first couple days. A 37 to 1 ROI over 17 days!

Not only that, because of this letter, I won an award.


On Friday December 7, 2012 I was presented at the Business & Entrepreneur Network’s Marketer of the Year Awards with “That #1 Thing” Award.

This is an award that represents that one marketing piece that had the greatest impact on your business in 2012.

But here’s the kicker…

I had to speak in front of a packed audience. Not just random people…nope!

These were exceptional marketers in their own right and I had to convince them to vote for me, to vote for my marketing piece and I had 8 minutes to do it.

Then it happened!

My power point presentation went missing.

And I was first up…

…with no presentation.

I was asked if I wanted to wait until they found my slides.

I didn’t need my slides, I knew what I wanted to say.

And I winged it with 20 seconds to spare.

And I won!

Back to the awesome letter.

You might remember I also had a carpet cleaning company that I started way back in 1995 and what I taught in my consulting business I tested in my service business. (Oh, yes, HAD…I sold the cleaning business after 20 years to concentrate on coaching companies around the globe.)

The letter…

Well, the letter I crafted was sent out to 200 cleaning clients to try to “reactivate” them into using my service again. I targeted those customers who hadn’t used my services in over 4 years. I wanted them (1) to know we still were around and (2) to get them to call me again.

But most of all I wanted to get them to trust me again.

Like I mentioned, this letter had people calling within 48 hours, after I mailed it, booking appointments with cash in hand.

Charlie, the founder of the Business Entrepreneurs Network, called it magic!

Those in attendance listening to me speak, called it “an amazingly well written magnetic money letter“.

Regardless what you want to call it…the simple thing is…it worked!

The cost to print and send to 200 customers was less than $150. And this “magic, magnetic letter” attracted slightly over a 2,197% return in less than 30 days.

Now, you’re probably wondering how do you get such a letter right? And, if it’s a cleaning letter how does it apply to my business.

Well, just the other day my buddy Scott who operates a pest control business in New Jersey asked me the very same thing. And you know what I did…I took the flier he was planning to use and rewrote it. And, let me tell you…he couldn’t be happier.

How this all benefits you…

So I’m taking the very best of my marketing pieces and making them available for a ridiculously low price. And when you discover below how much, you’ll say it’s a steal. It should be priced at THREE TIMES higher.

Not only will you get my award winning magic letter, but you’ll also receive the campanion follow-up postcard I used to “pull” more customers back into my funnel. Plus, you’ll get Scott’s before and after letter…and about a dozen more letters, fliers, postcards and more. You’ll get the pdf’s or the word docs…you’ll get it all. Best of all, you can make changes as you see fit.

In addition, I’m going to throw in some unreleased “Passions to Profits” interviews I conducted years ago. Here’s the list of the interviews that will provide countless hours of pure business advice. And you can “drag-n-drop” them right into your media player.

Barbara Hemphill – author of “Taming the Paper Tiger”

Charlie McDermott – GKIC Marketer of the Year 2010

Chris Voss -serial entrepreneur and host of the Chris Voss Show

David Kekich -author of “How The Rich Get Richer With Quiet Private Investments”

Diane Conklin – internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and copywriter

Gerry Oginski -medical malpractice attorney & video marketer

Ivan Turner – restoration & cleaning contractor who uses empathy to win over clients

Joe Sugarman – creator of the world famous “BluBlocker” sunglasses

Ken Glickman – former VP of marketing at Boardroom Inc

Lisa Manyon – the princess of publicity generation

Pamela Yellen – author of “Bank on Yourself”

Steve Sipress – one of Chicago’s best marketers…will teach you why 99% of yellow page ads are crap

That’s over 12 hours of business building tips, tricks and secrets that will help you transform your business in the years to come.

And the nuggets of information you’ll glean from the interviews will be like money in the bank.

Here’s what’s in the BEST OF MARKETING package and why you should get it right now…

The “Best of Marketing” contains…
* My “Award Winning” Letter
* The follow up companion postcard to the “Award Winning” letter
* A sequence of 5 letters designed to attract churches into your funnel
* A confirmation letter
* A confirmation pre-sell letter designed to get people prepped into buying more
* My BIG Every Door Direct Mailer (8-1/2 x 11 Giant Postcard)
* Referral Letters
* 3,6,9,12,18, and 24 month reminders
* My business card
* 1/2 and full page ads for Clipper type magazines
* 12 themed postcards
Plus much more.


A little bit about me…

I’m Rob Anspach a former carpet cleaner turned Global Social Media Strategist, SEO Expert, Consultant, Author and Speaker. I help entrepreneurs and corporations across the globe generate new revenue and capture online business. I’ve authored, coauthored or produced over 30 books, written articles for Cleanfax Magazine and speak before audiences of all sizes sharing stories about social proof, authority building and trust creation. 

With your order, I’m also including…

2 Bonuses

Bonus #1: An SEO critique of your website. I’ll let you know why your site is not ranking and how to improve it.

Bonus #2: I’ll include a 1/2 hour consultation to review your online and offline marketing. 

Combined value of the Bonuses plus the Passions to Profits Audio Programs and all the business boosting marketing materials and the price of this package would exceed well over $2500.00

But being that I was in your shoes once and needed a break to learn marketing to help my business grow, I will cut you a break not charge you the actual price.

You see, the price I used to sell the entire package was $899


That was several years ago, before the pandemic.

Just recently I received a Facebook message (see the ad below) asking if I still had the BEST OF marketing package available, and could he buy it. 

I asked where he saw the ad for “The Best Of Marketing” as I hadn’t marketed it in some time.

That’s when he showed me where he saw it. Wow, that was a long time ago. And I truly recommend that book if you haven’t read it yet.

Look, I know what it was like cleaning carpet, paying the bills and wondering how to make the phone ring. Heck, for 20 years I was in the trenches scrubbing rugs just like you. I understand the frustrations, the price wars, and the customer problems you are experiencing right now…and I can help. Those 20 years taught me a lot of important life lessons, lessons I can teach you. Lessons that will help grow you business and give you the freedom to enjoy life. Isn’t that why you started the business…so you could have more freedom to do what you wanted to do…and yet, you’re tied to a business that requires your utmost attention and rarely gives you freedom or enough money to really enjoy life’s beauty.

So here’s the deal… I want to help you.

Even though I’ve not being in the cleaning field for almost a decade I know the last 18 months have really taken a toll on cleaning services. You would think it would be the opposite with the media screaming how bad the pandemic is…but sadly cleaning was deemed a non-priority, non-essential service. Well, my goal is to get cleaners back to work, to help them re-market their services and start recouping the losses they incurred due to Covid. So I’m pricing the BEST OF MARKETING package to just $347 and tossing in 4 of books as BONUS #3 (that’s a $80 value).

Here’s the titles… and yes, they are physical books mailed to your door.

Yup, everything for just $347 – yeah, like I said I’ve been where you are and I know it’s a struggle – so I’m wiling to help where I can. And giving you the best information coupled with brilliant marketing is going to enable you to learn, adapt and overcome. So, what are you waiting for…click the add to cart and let’s get you started. 


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