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Integrity, Honesty, Determination, Friendship and Trust

5 Questions With Dr Guillermo Alvarez of Endobariatric.com

1. Do you feel Rob is able to capture your business needs and properly promote your business online?

Yes. He will study your business and adapt yours to what is needed to go beyond.

2. How have your SEO rankings improved since working with Rob?

I hired Rob to actually maintain our SEO rankings but he has done much more than that like manage and optimize our YouTube channel, help us with Facebook and write our some our blogs and industry articles. It has to be this way since nowadays it’s all interconnected. I also partnered with Rob on The #AskDrA Books (Vol 1 & 2) and had him produce Manga Gastrica which our Spanish edition gastric sleeve book which has also contributed to increased rankings on the search engines.

3. How long have you been working with Anspach Media?

Since December 2014

4. What is your current ranking on SEO?

We’re still maintaining page 1 on Google (spot no. 3 on “gastric sleeve mexico”).

5. Lastly, would you recommend using Rob for SEO?

Definitely. Easy to work with and responsible, most importantly he’ll give you results.

New York’s Finest Rug Cleaner & Trainer to Rug Cleaners Everywhere…

Doug Heiferman of Running River Rug Cleaning and DH Seminars

Rob Anspach was retained by my firm to brand our highly specialized business. He also was able to provide excellent SEO by properly optimizing our site which gained our organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace in a short amount of time.

Rob also was retained to work on specialized projects under my direction. We are very happy and satisfied with the professionalism and attention to detail we received from Anspach Media. Rob is a family man and very honest who keeps his promises. We received high SEO ranking for reasonable cost.

We also continue to use Rob for updates and optimization work which has maintained our competitive ranking. Amazing in today’s competitive market how critical it is to find a SEO company you can trust.

Rob Anspach has a natural talent for SEO he lives and breathes it.

A honest man who takes great pride in helping his clients achieve their life goals through innovative and unique SEO strategies in addition to teaching the art of how to use social media to enhance a organizations profile on the World Wide Web. Optimization of our videos also helped in addition to our blog which Rob also optimizes.

The world of SEO is complicated to say the least.

Rob has the unique ability to translate the complicated into a workable format that members in the organization can work with and understand. He is a good person.

I am very happy that I retained Rob Anspach and have a working relationship with a SEO company that has our best interest at heart.

What A Bestselling Author, Consultant & Business Planning Expert has to say…

David Brown: I have been reading books published by Rob, highly recommend them to everyone. His books, Rob versus the Scammers and Rob versus the Morons will make you laugh at the same time giving you knowledge of what we deal with daily. Between scams that are trying to get our information and those that want you to do for them what they would not do for others. I have learned new ways to handle these situations. Order your copies today.

What A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Thinks Of Rob Anspach (& Anspach Media)

Gerry Oginski of Oginski Law (New York)

I’m happy to share with you my thoughts about Rob.

But first, I have some questions I need to ask you…

Are you willing to accept his advice and to follow through on what he tells you to do?
Will you implement exactly what he tells you to do?

I did and it improved my SEO dramatically.
I hired him to tweak and improve my website.

I put a lot of time and effort and content on my site.
I needed it fine-tuned.
Rob did that for me quickly and remarkably well.

I relied on him.
He showed me what I was doing wrong.
He showed me how to improve my SEO from headlines to descriptions to meta tags and more.

You asked about ranking. I have always had a high ranking and often, if not most days, come up in the #1 position on page 1 of Google for my search terms. But don’t rely on what I’m telling you. Check for yourself.

Go to google and type in NY Medical Malpractice lawyer. See for yourself who comes up at the top organically (under the first three paid positions).

Do I trust him? Absolutely.
I used him for many months- don’t recall exactly how many right now.

I consider Rob a trusted advisor and highly recommend him for SEO. In fact, I recommend him to many attorneys who are looking to do exactly what you are trying to do…improve your website and your marketing.

Words From The Industry Giant Himself…

Paul Douglas (Rob’s coauthor on Optimize This)

Rob and I are peers more than anything else. Both of us assiting our clients with their internet marketing needs. We also collaborated on the book on SEO, Optimize This.

With that said, Rob and I have collaborated on a number of projects together, helping small business owners like yourself with their internet marketing needs. Robs strengths in these collaorations are SEO and Social Media, whereas mine are website development using WordPress and video marketing. Both Rob and I are admins to one anothers websites.

Rob has recently optimized both my website and the website for one of my clients. What I can fairly and accurately report is that our organic traffic has increased by fifty per cent. Both of our sites have page one rankings, although in all fairness to Rob, there is still more work to be done on our side, and as such our rankings are not as high as they could as of yet, but that is my delay causing that, and not attribuatable to Rob.

I have known Rob for 16 years, even though we live 2000 miles apart, (and we finally met face to face in Feb 2016 in San Diego). We both shared the same marketing mentor early in our career and shared marketing material for our carpet cleaning businesses over the years. So you can say that I am one of Rob’s original clients. HE is a creative marketing genius. I took one idea from one of his flyers, used it on my own flier and made over $500,000 from that little tweak.

Finally would I recommend Rob? I would take a bullet for him. He gets results, he has integrity, and he is a dear friend. I can promise you from my own experience working along side Rob and having him work his magic for me, your ROI will far exceed his fee.

“THANK YOU for all the SEO information yesterday. Really good stuff. You know this gig for sure! Yes, Rob knows his SEO stuff! He gave me massive good information on my web site on how to make it better!”

Lee Milteer

Intuitive Business Coach , Award Winning Best Selling Author, International Acclaimed Speaker, TV and Radio Personality

WOW! Just read my friend Rob Anspach’s powerful book SHARE after a quick dip in the pool. Where do I start? It is absolutely FILLED with FANTASTIC tips, tactics and strategies to maximize social media (and many of his ideas will work in any medium). I have at least one thing highlighted, underlined, circled or asterisk’ed in almost every single chapter, and my present and future social media friends and followers will soon reap the rewards of how much more and better information I will be sharing with you. Thank you, Rob! A+++++++!

Steve Sipress

Founder of The WOW Strategy

Rob has an ability to focus you without overwhelming you – true talent!

Steve Sims

Visionary Founder of Bluefish and Author of the international best selling book "Bluefishing"

Rob knows his stuff! Sure, we are FB friends and I’ve been following him for a while. However, with tens of thousands of social media mavens out there, it can be difficult to know who to listen to, read and follow. Rob’s tips and strategies are not simply re-hashed ideas you’ve heard a dozen times. He actually USES what he preaches and consistently ranks for the keywords he goes for. As a publisher myself, I’m generally more critical than others. In Rob’s case, his book and deliverables are spot on. You’ll appreciate his candor and integrity about what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, his advice is actionable and it works for anyone. You’ll love this book!

Doug Crowe

Founder of Author Your Brand

Rob Anspach at your current prices or at future prices you will provide EXCELLENT value. I have watched you work. Few people on earth work as diligently, as swiftly, as smartly and with as much pride in their work as you do. Underneath the sarcastic, arrogant persona there is a very strong, very smart, honest, hardworking businessman… and that businessman they get when they hire you. It is a privilege to call you a friend. Best wishes.

Parthiv Shah

Founder, E-Launchers

Rob has saved me countless hours of frustration trying to get my vision of our website and social medial platforms from my head to digital (up and running, mind you) when other experts and frankly, team members, took a more passive role. I needed leadership and implementation and Rob not only brought that—quickly— but substantially improved on my ideas, as well.

This is a great example of how you add value.

Rick Harmon

Author, Probate Lender, Investor, Real Estate Alchemist

I highly recommend Rob to anyone who wants to market goods or services online. Rob writes new fresh content for our website blog and also manages our Social media pages and so much more. Been using his services for 2 years. Thank you Rob and Anspach Media.

Ridvan Krisniqi

Share Cleaning Services

Received an email about a “drive by exploit” with the threat that they had all my passwords and would wreak havoc with me… very calmly I reached out to Rob and simply inquired about this… and he very calmly instructed me about the history of this attempted extortion and explained what to do and how to solve it. Am so glad I reached out to him… and am even more pleased that his simple instructions helped me and kept me calm… I followed his instructions to the letter and within a few hours calmness was restored in my world. I’m not a novice at this, have been doing this type of work for twenty-five plus years… and these are the types of questions my clients come to me to solve… but this one was new to me… so grateful Rob was there… very grateful.
Cheryl Cigan

It was such a pleasure working with Rob. Very professional, experienced and skilled at what he does. I am very pleased with my website and how he set up my social media presence. I recommend him highly.

Folusho Stephen Tugbiyele, MD

The UroGyn Doctor, Georgia

Hands down Rob is the best in the market! I’m glad I didn’t go anywhere else and will never go anywhere else for SEO work or any online media services. If you want the best look no further than Anspach Media!

Andrew Mastriania

DJ Andy M

Super impressed and happy to have met these guys. Incredibly knowledgeable and giving – great results from their marketing work.
Christopher Brazy

If you are looking for any of the services from Anspach media. Expect a no nonsense approach to getting things done. With years of experience in running small and large style clients. You are in the hand of a very capable team!
Paul Carpenter

Great service and knowledge of what they are doing and how they can help a business owner who has no knowledge of how things work in the digital marketing area.
Kurt Gilbertson

First Impressions

Rob is a funny, sarcastic and down right git’er done kind of guy! Anspach Media when you are ready to step up to the big leagues! John Pournaras
John Pournaras

Rob and his team are magicians when it comes to SEO. We worked with numerous SEO providers before we started working with Rob. He got us more results in 1 week than all others combined in 3 years!!!

Manuj Aggarwal


I ALWAYS enjoy chatting with Rob, whether it’s on a phone call, or FB Messenger or on a session of his E-Heroes Interview Podcast. He’s a genuine, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda guy, and his public persona and private persona are one-in-the-same!
Michael Schmidlen

Rob Anspach is an incredibly smart individual. Rob has been fantastic in making sure that my client’s websites and SEO is on point while making sure that I understand what is going on.
Henry Sims

Zesty Owl

Working with Anspach Media was amazing! Incredible insight and completely edited my sales page and transformed it into a next level high-converting client magnet! I’ve worked with the best and I have to say they are beyond top notch.
Tracy Kay

I am sending referrals your way my friend.
I am so thankful for you.
You have no idea.
You’re seriously the best!
Kristin Babik

I don’t even know where to begin…so I will try my best to share. Our company’s GMB (Google My Business) profile was stolen and we had identity theft while in the hands of another SEO company that didn’t know too much. Even though they are a 3rd party provider to our Franchise HeadQuarters, that doesn’t mean nothing after my experience using them. Our customers and people looking for us on GMB were being diverted to a company that stole our name and had a call center taking our business during the busiest time of year. This nightmare lasted from November to 2nd week in Feb until Anspach Media took over. We had to go through a huge loss, until I finally moved us to Anspach Media who came highly recommended.

Immediately I saw the changes Rob made and got us back online with our real listing. Our business has suffered to the point I was wondering if we are going to make it.

Since Anspach Media took over, we see our listing is landing at #1 in search and we are getting the calls. This week I felt the Synergy of Hope and Vision again. Yes I was devastated and couldn’t sleep at night, and pulling out the credit cards to hang on. So do I recommend this guy “YES I DO”. We just started, and I am looking forward to long lasting SUCCESS WITH Anspach Media. Thank you Rob!

Cecilia Salsbury

Blue Ribbon Chem Dry

What People Are Saying

-More Reviews-

From Zero To Hero!

“From Zero to Hero! My new water damage biz The Flood Medix was not in the first 30 pages of Google with my previous SEO company…one month in, I’m on the front page, and #2 on the map section…kudos to Rob!”

– Shelly Browne, Georgia

Trusted From The Start

“This is a huge thank you to Rob Anspach, the great SEO genius who helped me get Empowerment Chick on the first page of Google within 2 days. I trusted this man from the start, and just had a gut feeling that he would deliver. And he did! On top of that, he set up some of my social media pages for me including YouTube and Google Plus, saving me time so I could focus on what I do best, as he did what he does best. I highly recommend this guy to anyone!”

– Solnishka Muse, The Empowerment Chick, Hawaii

New Possibilities!

“Your feedback on my upcoming book was INVALUABLE! Some of those things will open the doors to new possibilities that otherwise would have been shut, and will help me increase ongoing sales. Thank you!”

– Katie Vega, Ohio

Increased Social Media Followers!

“With Rob’s help, my social media followers went from 14,000 to almost 40,000 fans in a year.”

– Christopher West – Author, Speaker, Founder – The Cor Project

Fantastic Find!

“Rob Anspach has been a fantastic find! He is clear, decisive and knows his material which helps him explain it clearly. He can give you specific, targeted advice and I highly recommend his services!”

– Sherry Blythe, Sherry Blythe Virtual Associate, Virginia

King Of SEO & Social!

“Rob Anspach is one of the coolest copywriters I know and I am so blessed to have him help me write my first book. He is the KING of SEO and social media…nice to see the good guys winning! If I were you I would add him as a friend, like his fan page and get a copy of his SHARE 27 Ways book (about growing your business through social media).”

– Michelle Nixon, Las Vegas

Helped Me Realize I Deserve To Be Well Paid

“Rob gives excellent business advice. He helped me realize that I deserve to be well paid as a coach. He’s also a social media and SEO guru! Thanks Rob for all your help!”

-Robin Kuczer, Montreal

Solved The Problem

“I’d like to give a shout out and testimonial for Rob Anspach – Great guy, super supportive, smart & kind! I had a huge problem with Google+ for a client and he stepped in, helped out, solved the problem and all with a smile and super caring nature. Thank you SO much Rob, I’m truly very grateful!”

– Lorri Ratzlaff (Making Sense of Social Media), British Columbia

Can’t Endorse Higher!

“I can’t endorse higher. After going through 2 different SEO’s in the last 2 years, Rob has come in and has done more in 1 week than they performed in 2 yrs. Thanks Rob!”

– Frank Davis, Advantage Carpet Care, California

Ranked #1

“Looking for website SEO? My SEO guru has written a book on website SEO that is ranked #1. He is very professional and has me ranking on the first page in many of my surrounding cities, top of page in the city where I’m located. Rob Anspach is his name and if you want to collect more customers he is the guy you need to talk to. Tell him I sent you.”

– Michael John Will Jr – A Great Clean LLC, Utah

Back For Seconds!

“Finished your books, and went back for seconds. Good Job!”

– Stacey Rogan, Moxee Social, New York

Highly Recommend!

“Your SEO upgrades are awesome. For some reason I’m picking up Twitter followers without doing anything. Getting asked to submit articles to magazines. I highly recommend your services.”

– Amanda Thrasher, Author, Speaker, Publisher, Texas

Cares About Every Client!

If you’re looking for social media or marketing advice you need to be talking to Rob Anspach. Not only is Rob extremely knowledgeable, but he cares so much about every client he works with. If you’re looking for help, you owe it to yourself to give Rob a call and see what he has to say…and then hire him to help you.

– Diane Conklin, Complete Marketing Systems

On Speed Dial

Anspach Media has taken my businesses from not even showing up 20 pages in to the top of the pack. Helped with my SEO, Facebook, Google My Business, Websites, and even talking me down off the ladder. Great content, info and support. On speed dial. Best kept secret in my industry.

– All Star ChemDry, Georgia